Knowledge | 2022-12-14

What are the rules for the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines?


The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of machine equipment for high-tech enterprises to clean air pollution. The ultrasonic cleaning machine sends out a high-frequency oscillating signal according to the ultrasonic sensor, and the sound from the ultrasonic power supply is converted into vibration to clean the object. The size of the ultrasonic frequency directly affects the cleaning of the sample. The physical cleaning force produced by evaporation is beneficial to the low frequency, and for the fuel cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner in the whole process will produce a certain amount of heat.

1. What is the effect of different temperatures on the equipment?

If in the application of machinery and equipment, there is temperature regulation, the temperature can be set to maintain stability, so the selection of ultrasonic cleaning machine, to distinguish according to specific application conditions, therefore, it is necessary to understand the actual effect and characteristics of cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment has the advantage of using low-frequency kinetic energy for a long time cleaning, the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine, need to adjust the actual operation and use of machinery and equipment according to specific application conditions.

2. What is the effect of different raw materials on cleaning results?

Because the raw materials are different and different cleaning objects have different levels of environmental pollution, and can adjust the time for different cleaning targets, it is essential to apply different cleaning components and cleaning targets, the rules of cleaning fluid will also appear certain differences, general cleaning fluid with less viscosity and good cleaning effect, so the actual cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine accurate, faster, processing technology can be reduced to more than 10 minutes, cleaning work efficiency index further improved, cost increase reasonable to reduce product costs, to ensure the quality of cleaning.

Therefore, this kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment is conducive to improving the working standards of workers, and many industries suffer widespread concern, before purchasing cleaning system software, it is important to look at the use of cleaning components to master, clean-up components of the raw material composition and the total number of clean-up, be sure to remove the stains and clear the water content of the clean-up aqueous solution or organic solvent conditions, the clean-up process must also be based on clean-up tests carried out certification, only then can specific application requirements be considered.

What are the rules for the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines?