Knowledge | 2022-12-15

What are the advantages of the ultrasonic cleaning machine itself? One of the transducer's good or bad distinctions!


The cleaning effect is far beyond the ordinary cleaning method

The application of an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to stop the cleaning is now known as a highly efficient and effective cleaning method, its cleaning efficiency and cleaning cleanliness can reach a very high point. By contrast, traditional hand cleaning or other cleaning methods are less efficient, residual stains may also affect the normal operation of equipment and service life. So in this comparison, the market is keener on the choice of high-quality industrial ultrasonic cleaning machinery.

Second, apply to large-scale cleaning

Because the principle of an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is to use ultrasound to promote the vibration of the liquid in the cleaning tank, soak into the immersed object in every corner, and peel off the stain attached to it. This also makes the application of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning only the corresponding items can be completed in which the large-scale cleaning, no longer needs to stop cleaning one by one with the hands of employees.

Three, more secure

Because the use of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines only needs to be cleaned items soaked in which simply no human contact cleaning methods to ensure the safety of personnel. At the same time, this cleaning method only uses ultrasonic vibration to peel off the stain, and the integrity of the immersion as the formation of fine components such as damage.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer good or bad distinction!

1. Can be identified from the ultrasonic cleaner manufacturing process and appearance; it directly reflects the company's focus on production quality, with good technology and appearance of the production quality will be better (but not absolute). Moreover, the design process directly affects the quality of production.

2. According to the ultrasonic cleaning machine process design and information to stop identification, the requirements of the transducer data have a good understanding and rich experience. Whether the design can be reasonable depends on the choice of data. The quality of information directly affects the quality of products. An optical copy may not be feasible. Different from the same specifications of the source of information, quality is also very different. (Professional)

3. Parameter detection; whether the parameters of the sensor can match the parameters of the electric box, and whether the ideal effect can be achieved. A professional who is familiar with the parameters of the equipment

In-car testing:

(1) power output test; it can detect the matching between the sensor and the electric box, and can reflect the output power of the electric box and the load of the sensor. The greater the effect of the mold belt, the better the power output. The current amplitude only reflects the output efficiency, not the device power amplitude

(2) stability experiment -LRB-simulated aging experiment) : the power output stability of the test box and sensor with rated load.

(3) overload Operation Experiment; test the stability and life of product quality. This test requires only 8 hours of continuous operation under rated load. At present, there is no such thing in China (except for our company). Because of the poor quality of our products, we can't stand the test. The test was scrapped in less than a few minutes. But it can still be used in plastic welders for about a year. Since the product improvement, the testing company has added products. It directly reflects the stability and life of the sensor. Therefore, the product quality can be improved according to the test results. The plastic welding machine can accept this test of the minimum life of the sensor can be up to five years (really in line with international norms). Before the ultrasonic cleaning machine product, only the American product can achieve it.

What are the advantages of the ultrasonic cleaning machine itself? One of the transducer's good or bad distinctions!