Knowledge | 2022-04-06

What's a dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaner?


What does the double frequency of ultrasonic cleaner mean? How to distinguish between a single-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine and a dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine? With the increasing demand for cleaning, single-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines can no longer meet the needs of individual fields. Therefore, many manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaning machine homeopathy, thus the development of dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines. So what does dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner mean? When we buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine, how to know if we need single-frequency or dual-frequency? Now, come with me and find out.

The so-called ultrasonic cleaning machine double-frequency refers to the characteristics of the two frequencies of the same cleaning device. It can be modulated according to the cleaning requirements. There are two types of 2KHz / 45kHz, 45kHz / 80kHz in commonly used dual-frequency combinations. Most ultrasonic cleaning machines in the market are all frequencies of a single frequency 28kHz, 40kHz, 80kHz. Such as industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines, household ultrasonic cleaning machines, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines, large ultrasonic cleaning equipment, etc. In the laboratory, the medical sector can use the ultrasonic cleaning machine for the cleaning of the appliance and the emulsification, dispersion, dissolution, extraction, accelerated chemical reaction, and the like. So they prefer a double frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.

In summary, it is believed that there is a basic awareness of the dual-frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machines. So everyone understands the ultrasonic cleaning machine to purchase different frequencies by their cleaning requirements and conditions. So they can achieve the perfect cleaning experience per their own cleaning needs and conditions.

What's a dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaner?