Knowledge | 2022-04-02

The cleaning result of ultrasonic cleaner will be better with a cleaning agent.


Although the ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used, it is also unknown to the auxiliary role of the cleaning agent. In general, there are two types of cleaning agents commonly used by ultrasonic cleaning machines. They are chemical cleaning agents and water-based clear lotions. That is to be combined with the mechanical effects of ultrasonic waves from the chemical dissolution, softening of ultrasonic cleaning. This can achieve the best cleaning effect.

Cleaning liquids commonly used in ultrasonic cleaning machines include an alkaline cleaning solution, metal cleaning agent cleaning liquid, mixed organic solvent (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc.), halo-like organic solvent (trichloroethylene, etc.), and aromatic solvents (such as alcohol). However, the mixed cooker organic solvent is poorly accepted due to the low surface tension. The halos organic solvent is characterized by a high degree of sound oscillation, dissolving the energy of oil pollution. Therefore, it is more suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

What are the requirements for cleaning agents used in the ultrasonic washing machine?

1. There is a good dissolution of oil, oil, dust, and paste adhesive. Its cleaning effect is better;

2. There must be a certain surface, appropriate density, and viscosity. This is conducive to the generation of cavitation. The surface is larger, the cavitation is stronger. The cleaning liquid has a small viscosity and is easy to cause cavitation;

3. The energy attenuation of ultrasonic waves is small in the cleaning liquid;

4. Delay corrosion when cleaning precision parts

5. Safe to use. Small harm.

It is known from the above, and the cleaning objects in all walks of life are thousands of different. The nature of the dirt is different from the degree of oil. There are different requirements for delaying corrosion and rust removal. There are also different requirements for cleaning quality and economic effects. Therefore, it is concluded that you need to choose the cleaning agent according to the specific conditions and select the suitable one.

The cleaning result of ultrasonic cleaner will be better with a cleaning agent.