Knowledge | 2022-05-11

What is the laboratory medical ultrasonic cleaner?


With the development of modern medical technology, especially the development of modern surgery technology. Therefore, the requirements for disinfection and sterilization techniques are increasing. Dependence is getting stronger. The patient's medical supplies cause serious pollution, especially blood, stethoscope, laryngoscope, gastroscope, ventilator, anesthetic machine threaded tube. If you do not clean, it will affect the sterilization effect, causing sterilization failure. In the long run, it will infect the bacteria of the patient. Therefore, new techniques and methods are introduced and used in disinfection sterilization. It is more important to use disinfection and sterilization techniques scientifically.

This paper introduces a laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, also known as a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine. Practical range is wide, such as:

Double tank medical ultrasonic cleaning machines or multi-tank are suitable for: endoscopic surgical instruments (various soft, hard endoscopy and accessories), biopsy, knife, high-frequency knife, gravel, foreign body, cell brush, guidewire, angiography Tube, operating room surgical instrument, etc. High-cleaning efficient ultrasonic cleaning can be achieved.

Single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine is particularly suitable for stomatology, laboratory, disinfection center, operating room, dental mobile phone, inspection container, glass sheet, test tube, biochemical test utensil, syringe, bottle plate container, etc.

The main features of medical ultrasonic cleaning machines:

1, use ordinary tap water, alcohol, solvent cleaning;

2, the cleaning effect is significant;

3. Effective disinfection;

4, digital LCD to control time;

It can be seen that the medical ultrasound cleaning machine has a bright future. It is a tool for many hospitals and doctors to clean items to achieve disinfection! It can help you inspect and transform it into prevention. Prevention is mainly, combined with prevention and inspection. In this way, we can create a warm and harmonious environment, so that the patient feels at home.

What is the laboratory medical ultrasonic cleaner?