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What does an ultrasonic cleaner do? Is it harmful to the human body?


The cleaning effect of conventional ultrasonic cleaning machine is not in direct contact with cleaning parts, but through the medium liquid small molecule particles on the impact or vibration of dirt, to achieve the goal of dispersion, therefore, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to stop cleaning will not wear or scratch parts, will not damage the cleaning parts. Ultrasonic cleaning has a high cleaning efficiency, even if it is difficult to clean the small gap, rust and mildew parts can also remove dirt, can clean parts are very common or large or small, therefore, it has become one of the most commonly used washing machines on the market.

The secondary mechanism of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is to make use of the three functions of cavitation, deceleration, and a direct current of ultrasonic wave in a liquid medium to affect the fouling of parts placed in the liquid medium indirectly or directly, the fouling is dispersed, emulsified and peeled from time to time to achieve the goal of cleaning the components.

Above we will have a detailed understanding of the popular ultrasonic cleaning machine secondary ultrasonic cleaning machine high-frequency conversion:

1. Ultrasonic cleaning mechanism is high-frequency conversion pressure of more than 20,000 times per second: ultrasonic cleaning machine is to stop liquid cavitation per second. Due to the effect of decompression, there will be a vacuum core bubble outside the liquid medium, and the vacuum core bubble will also be crushed by the compression force, which will produce a great impact force during the compression and indirectly act on the cleaning of dirt on the surface of the object, finally, the peels off and separates to achieve the goal of cleaning.

2. DC cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning: the scene in which the ultrasonic wave moves in the liquid medium is called the DC effect of ultrasonic wave. If the ultrasonic intensity is high enough, the direct current scene in the ultrasonic cleaner can be seen indirectly, perpendicular to the vibrating surface, and active. DC can be used on the surface of the object to be cleaned so that it can be stirred from time to time, the final solution in the liquid medium, to remove the oil and dirt.

3. Decelerating cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning: because of the effect of ultrasonic in a liquid medium, liquid particles are pushed and decelerated. If the use of high frequency, then the professional ultrasonic cleaning machine's ultrasonic cleaning effect will not be obvious. At this time, the ultrasonic cleaning machine's professional ultrasonic cleaning effect will not be obvious, sales are due to the integration of liquid particles, stopping the ultrasonic cleaning machine's ultrasonic cleaning effect. Have several years engaged in the ultrasonic cleaning equipment industry as engineers and technicians? The products are a single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, and cleaning delivery dry bits and pieces, hot air circulation oven equipment.

Is the ultrasonic cleaning machine harmful to the human body?

Is the ultrasonic cleaning machine harmful to the human body? Many first-time or long-term users of ultrasonic cleaning machines will be more interested in the answer to this question. Today, we will discuss whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine can cause harm to the human body.

The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to use the cavitation and secondary effect of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid, such as the acceleration of the direct flow of water and the mechanical thermal effect, which act directly or indirectly on the cleaning workpiece and peel off the dirt on the workpiece, achieve the goal of high-cleaning. Because of its high frequency, good directivity, good penetration, strong media effect, and non-ionic radiation crisis, ultrasound has little effect on the human body, the best example is that medical ultrasound diagnostic and treatment equipment also uses ultrasound principles and also proves that ultrasound is harmless.

Because although people can not hear the ultrasonic wave, some secondary effects in the ultrasonic wave cleaning process, such as the mechanical effect on the stainless steel cleaning trough to produce a hiss, make people sound uncomfortable, in particular, high-power low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the noise is relatively large, long-time stay around the work equipment, will have a certain impact on hearing, may also make people irritable, especially pregnant women should not operate the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

What does an ultrasonic cleaner do? Is it harmful to the human body?