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Can the noise of the ultrasonic cleaner be eliminated? How does it work?


When using an ultrasonic cleaning machine, will produce not high low noise, some people can accept, but some people are difficult to accept, because harsh and uncomfortable, then, why would produce noise? Can the noise of the ultrasonic cleaning machine be eliminated? So let me introduce you.

The noise generated by the ultrasonic cleaning machine is because the ultrasonic wave's skills and working principles of noise are inevitable. After all, the ultrasonic cleaning machine through liquid cavitation to clean the workpiece pressure, to achieve the removal of dirt on the surface of the workpiece cleaning effect.

When liquid cavitations, numerous bubbles burst to form the impact of the workpiece surface will produce noise. In addition, the high-speed vibration of an ultrasonic oscillator also produces a buzzing noise, but normally it is only thirty decibels. It can be said that the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not work without noise, but to ensure safety, and improve the cleaning process of humanization, noise can be greatly reduced to not bring trouble to the human body.

Can the noise of the ultrasonic cleaner be eliminated? Although it is impossible to eliminate it, the current advanced technology can improve and reduce noise. Sound insulation accessories, such as sound insulation cotton, must be installed around the tank body or tank body. Although the absorption of a little ultrasound will affect efficiency, to protect the environment, to protect people's health more than disadvantages. An ultrasonic cleaning machine equipped with a high-efficiency sealed stainless steel acoustic cap can effectively reduce the noise, and noise control within the acceptable range.

Correct operation procedure of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine, the first thing to carefully study is the ultrasonic cleaning machine instructions. The packing box of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is provided with the instruction for the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Please keep it safe for future emergencies. The following are the operating procedures of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1. Install an ultrasonic cleaning machine

Generally speaking, the power cord of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is separated from the cleaning tank. First, the ultrasonic power supply should be connected to the cleaning tank. An ultrasonic cleaner with a drain opening can connect the drain or point the drain opening toward the drain.

2. Add water to the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Add an appropriate amount of water to the cleaning tank, the liquid level should be immersed in the cleaning parts, below the highest water level. Some models have an overflow, which should be connected to the advance overflow pipe.

3. Heating ultrasonic cleaning machine

Start the electric heating switch and adjust the water temperature to the proper temperature (usually between 50 ° C and 60 ° C). There is a temperature detector in the washer, the heating device will continue to heat to the specified temperature, and then in insulation mode. When the temperature is below a certain value, the heating device will be self-starting and heated to the set temperature.

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine plus cleaning agent

When the water temperature rises to 30 ° C, the parts cleaning agent can be added to the cleaning tank according to the production process, the ratio is 1:20 or 1:30, can stir the water so that the cleaning agent is completely dissolved in water.

Part pretreatment

With the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean some parts of heavy oil, can be scraped in advance of cleaning thick sludge or dust. Simple Ultrasonic cleaning pretreatment will greatly improve the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning, shorten the ultrasonic cleaning time, and extend the service life of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

6, ultrasonic cleaning machine parts placed

Put the parts in the stainless steel cleaning basket, gently into the cleaning tank, suggest do not put too many parts in one time, as far as possible even distribution, do not put too compact.

Start the ultrasonic cleaning machine

Turn on the power of the ultrasonic generator and start cleaning normally. If necessary, turn the power adjusting knob clockwise to adjust the appropriate power. The ammeter shows a normal current of 4 to 5 years.

8. Stop the ultrasonic cleaning machine

The working time of ultrasonic cleaning can be determined according to the parts. If you feel that the cleaning process of the ultrasonic cleaning is almost the same, if you want to stop cleaning, you can first adjust the power knob to the minimum, and then press the ultrasonic work button, it is usually possible to turn off the ultrasonic power supply directly.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine after treatment

Take out the cleaning basket directly and rinse the clean parts with clean water. The parts are then placed in a fan or dryer until the crevices are completely dry. Some manufacturers use a dual tank, one tank for ultrasonic cleaning, and one tank for rinsing or spray cleaning, saving trouble in moving.

10, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent treatment

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine uses and cleans many parts, the cleaning fluid in the sludge content is very high. In addition to the emulsifying effect of ultrasound, the cleaning fluid will be turbid, not only polluting parts of the secondary pollution but also weakening the cavitation of ultrasound. At this point, the liquid containing the cleaning agent should not continue to be used.

Some factories have environment-friendly water treatment systems, which can refine and discharge, and some units increase filter circulation devices according to cleaning output, and filter impurities while cleaning, to improve production efficiency Some will be the day of the cleaning solution into the storage bucket, the next day after precipitation and then add a new cleaning solution. It should be said that all three methods help to reduce the cost of use.

11. The auxiliary function of soaking before ultrasonic cleaning

In cleaning many parts, such as cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, turbocharged turbine, intake, and exhaust pipes, carbon or oxide floating on a light surface is easy to clean, too heavy to clean, therefore, the necessary soaking softening process will enable the next stage of cleaning with half the effort.

12, ultrasonic cleaning machine auxiliary function

When cleaning accumulated small pieces, particles, and complex shape parts, one can use a variety of functional combination methods, such as throwing up and down while cleaning, cleaning while rolling, pulse cleaning every few minutes, stopping soaking, and then cleaning.

Can the noise of the ultrasonic cleaner be eliminated? How does it work?