Knowledge | 2022-10-07

What are the advantages of an ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning circuit board? How long does it take to clean?


The professional PCB circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine is very efficient. As long as the cleaned circuit board has contact with the solution, it will be thoroughly cleaned. And this kind of cleaning method, although carried out in a high-energy cleaning tank, the circuit board and the machinery itself are not damaged. However, its advantages are not only thorough cleaning, there are other advantages, with the following six advantages.

1. Quick cleaning. The speed of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is higher than other cleaning methods, faster than immersion cleaning 10 -20 times faster than spray cleaning 20% -50% more efficient.

2. All-round cleaning no dead angle. Compared with spraying and soaking, it does not clean the dead corner, so it is more suitable for inside and outside the complex structure, micro-uneven, there are slits, holes, corners, and circuit-intensive electronic circuit board.

3. The circuit board will not be damaged or deformed. Compared with spray cleaning, professional PCB ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning thin and small PCB, will also ensure the integrity of the PCB.

Four. Adapt to cleaning a variety of stains. It can be used for removing oil, dirt, rust, oxide scale, passivation, and other stubborn stains.

5. Applicable to a wide range of materials. Professional circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine for steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, glass, circuit boards, electronic and optical components, and other parts of the cleaning work.

6. Good consistency in cleaning. No matter if the circuit board to be cleaned is wide or narrow, large or small, complex or simple in structure, single piece or batch, after being put into the circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine to be cleaned, can be achieved by hand cleaning unparalleled uniform degree of cleanliness.

Based on the advantages of the circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine, after its listing, it has been loved by engineers and test personnel. It's just that when using a circuit board ultrasonic cleaner, to maximize its advantages, you need to adjust the temperature of the cleaning solution, the liquid temperature between 40 and 50 degrees, is the most suitable for cleaning work.

How long does it take to clean the ultrasonic cleaner?

How long does it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean? How long does it usually take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean? How Long is appropriate? It will be cleaned. I believe that many people do not have a clear time and do not know how to control it there is no specific time, mainly to see which factors determine the cleaning time, the following explanation.

Ultrasonic power is one of the decisive factors. For example, when the ultrasonic power is relatively strong, the cleaning time does not take long to clean, if it is cleaning glasses, necklaces, bracelets, gold and platinum jewelry, jewelry, and other household-type small items, cleaning objects are dust, oil stains, and other dirt, it is generally 3-5 minutes can be. But if the cleaning object is bigger, the dirt is heavier, that is not enough. The average cleaning time for a factory industry is 15-30 minutes. When the ultrasonic power is too weak, it is not the length of cleaning time, it is likely not clean.

In addition, the frequency of the ultrasonic wave is also a factor in determining the cleaning effect, the general market between 28 kHz-128 kHz ultrasonic cleaning equipment is mainly used for the cleaning assembly line, cleaning time depends on the cleaning process, if the choice of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for the whole cleaning process, is also a long-term feasible method, so absolutely higher than manual cleaning efficiency, cleaning relatively clean. And the transducer below 40KHz is mainly used in hardware, and metal parts, more widely used in the railway industry, aerospace, ships, automobiles, and other industries, these industry components are often thick dirt grease, rough appearance, so the need for greater strength of low-frequency transducer, cleaning time is generally about 20-30 minutes. Some precision optical components use a high-frequency transducer, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine price is relatively higher than low-frequency. In the laboratory, medical research, and other places, the cleaning object is precise and meticulous, vibration intensity should not be too large, the general choice of 40 kHz or high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning time is generally 5-30 minutes.

In addition, the length of cleaning time and cleaning agent. For some chemical dirt, need to add a cleaning agent to produce a chemical reaction, to achieve a thorough cleaning. If the cleaning agent is wrong, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will not be able to clean until scrapped. Therefore, cleaning is not generally clean ultrasonic cleaning machine's fault. After all, an ultrasonic cleaning machine only plays the role of physical cleaning.

Finally, the dirt thickness of the cleaning object itself is generally shallow. But the longer the cleaning, the better. If the cleaning time is too long, should consider whether the selection of cleaning equipment is wrong.

What are the advantages of an ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning circuit board? How long does it take to clean?