Knowledge | 2022-05-19

Ultrasonic cleaning system-ultrasonic cleaning line


The ultrasonic cleaning line is a kind of ultrasonic cleaning equipment which is connected to the factory assembly line. The ultrasonic cleaning line is usually controlled by PLC and can be fully automated in the production cleaning process. Because its structure and operation are very simple, adjustment is also more convenient, greatly improves the stability of the cleaning process, ensures a good cleaning effect, and also reduces the labor burden of the staff, improving the cleaning efficiency.

Cleaning is a necessary process in the production process of many industries. In the past, the traditional cleaning methods, such as immersion washing, high-pressure washing, and rinsing, were mostly used, moreover, the production line cleaning process cleaning equipment backward, cleaning efficiency is low, has been difficult to meet the growing production demand. Now many enterprises have changed to use ultrasonic cleaning lines, ultrasonic cleaning effect is good, to a deep hole, slit and workpiece hidden place can be cleaned, workpiece after ultrasonic cleaning can achieve a high degree of cleanliness.

In the ultrasonic cleaning line, the processes of feeding, ultrasonic cleaning, spraying, drying, and unloading are all controlled by the system to realize fully automatic cleaning. It can be applied to the cleaning needs of different workpieces, with good flexibility and wide adaptability.

Ultrasonic cleaning system-ultrasonic cleaning line