Knowledge | 2022-06-09

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for auto parts


With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, more and more automobile brands, and the market demand potential is growing. In the production and processing of automobile parts, the cleaning technology of metal parts can not be ignored. With the development of parts cleaning technology and the strengthening of People's environmental awareness, higher requirements for cleaning agents and ultrasonic cleaning equipment are put forward.

Auto parts cleaning is relatively important work, parts of the dirt include external sediment and lubricant material residues. Because this dirt has different properties and characteristics and often has high adhesion, the surface of the removal of its degree of difficulty and methods are not the same. The use of an automotive ultrasonic cleaning machine can fully remove all kinds of stubborn grease dirt, the most important ultrasonic can enter small cracks and holes, Peel and remove oil stains and residues. To achieve high efficiency, clean, environmental protection requirements.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can effectively improve engine performance, thorough cleaning system, including the engine cylinder head, cylinder block, and crankshaft in the oil holes in the lubrication channel, automobile parts ultrasonic cleaning machine performance stability high density, high impact strength, fast cleaning speed, no dead angle, safe and energy-saving, easy maintenance.

In the process of automobile production and maintenance, all kinds of automobile parts must be cleaned. Manual operation is not only inefficient, but also the cleaning quality is not good, can be completed in a few seconds to a few minutes between the cleaning, and high cleanliness, will not damage parts, solve the problem of automotive parts cleaning difficult, in the automotive industry plays an extremely important role.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for auto parts