Knowledge | 2022-03-31

Ultrasonic Cleaning System Is Good To Remove Oil From The Metal Parts


Currently, ultrasonic cleaning technology is gradually maturing. Therefore, it is popular with hardware electronic workshops, industrial and mining companies, laboratories, hospitals, etc. According to data statistics, the cleaning method with the lowest cleaning cost is ultrasonic cleaning. At the same time, ultrasonic cleaning machines have fast cleaning and non-infinitive features. In different cleaning methods, only the surface cleaning is more than 90% with the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

There are not only small ultrasonic cleaners but also large ultrasonic cleaners which can work continuously in the hardware electronic workshop. This is because the performance and application of ultrasonic cleaning techniques have obtained progress of breakthroughs. Here are some suitable models for cleaning metal parts. Single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, multi-tank ultrasound cleaning machine, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine (You can choose according to the cleaning quantity and cleaning requirements).

You will need a cleaning solution to remove oil and dirt on the metal parts. There are many kinds of cleaning agents in the market. We only introduce two cleaning methods which are better and more efficient.

First type: water-based cleaner. Special environmentally friendly cleaning agent for ultrasonic cleaning machine. Strong ability to clean oil and dirt. It might have small damage to the surface of the hardware and can be ignored.

Advantage: Low cost. It is simple to use. 

Disadvantages: You need to rinse many times if you have high requirements on hardware parts.  You need special equipment for drying.

Second: Volatile organic solvent.

Advantages: Strong to remove the stain. The cost is slightly higher than the water. Easy to use, easy to dry.

Disadvantages: It is easy to volatilize in the air, and there is a slight odor. The market has environmentally friendly cleaning agents, but the cleaning agent is not easy to transport.

Ultrasonic Cleaning System Is Good To Remove Oil From The Metal Parts