Knowledge | 2022-04-21

The denture will be a bacterial base easily if it is not cleaned well. The experts recommend the correct cleaning method


The dentures are foreign matter in the mouth, which is more likely to hide the muffin. After wearing a denture, do you find that the oral cavity is prone to ulcers, and inflammation? And the oral mucosa is also very easy to have red swelling, pain, ulceration, etc. These may be caused by the pseudo-denture is not clean enough! In fact, there is a close connection between the cleaning of dentures and the whole body's health. Many unclean dentures lead to abnormal reproduction of bacteria or fungi in severe diseases.

More terrible is that other pathogens attached to the denture may also enter the respiratory system through the vertex. This can cause bacterial pneumonia; or may enter the circulatory system, forming bacteriemia in the susceptible population. Studies have shown that prosthetic nursing will be likely to become a hidden danger of disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, dentures, bacterial pneumonia, etc. Bacterial pneumonia is the cause of the elderly in the forefront of death.

It can be seen that improper cleaning of dentures may cause fatal diseases. This is by no means dramatic! The chief physician of the mucosal department of Peking University Stomatology said: to maintain a good hygiene habits, clean the dentures every day, and use a professional denture cleaning product. This is a scientific, correct denture care method. This will greatly reduce the risk of oral diseases and other diseases. The denture wearer wants to develop the correct denture care habits and must pick up the denture to clean before going to bed every day. It is best to use a dedicated dental ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning. This is not only the cleaning effect, but the clean level is also high, and the cleaning speed is fast. It can also be uniform and uniform to holes, slits, and hidden. The washing effect of the dental ultrasonic cleaner is to extrude the high-frequency water to produce a pulling force generated by the blisters to form a vacuum zone. The dirt attached to the instrument will loosen. This ensures disinfection, and sterilization, and is easy to operate and fast.