Knowledge | 2022-04-21

The advantage of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner


Cleaning involved in the industrial production labor process belongs to industrial cleaning. It applies to hardware electronic workshops, miners, machinery companies, automotive manufacturing, medical instruments, optical products, and more.

The advantage of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner compares to the other cleaning method.

1. Thoroughly cleans the dead angle of the workpiece. The ultrasonic cleaning machine has a significant cleaning effect on the workpiece. It cannot effectively clean by manual and other cleaning methods. It thoroughly reaches the cleaning requirements, removes the stains at the dead angles of complex workpieces;

2. Batch cleaning of a variety of workpieces. no matter how complicated the shape of the workpiece is, the ultrasonic cleaning effect can be achieved as long as it can contact the liquid. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is particularly applicable to workpieces with complex shapes and structures.

3. Multi-function cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning machines can achieve different effects in conjunction with different solvents. This can meet different supporting production processes, such as: removing oil, stripping, dust removal, wax, exhibiting, phosphating, passivation, pottery, plating, etc.

4. Reduce pollution: Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively reduce pollution, reduce toxic solvent damage to humans and it has environmental protection;

5. Reduce labor: the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize the workpiece automatic cleaning, and drying. This simply requires one operator at each end of the workpiece to be cleaned. This greatly reduces the number of personnel and cleaning time needed for manual cleaning;

6. Shorten working time: compared with manual cleaning, the cleaning time of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner is reduced to one-fourth of manual cleaning;

7. Reduce labor intensity: the cleaning environment of manual cleaning is worse. Its labor intensity is heavy. Complex mechanical parts require long cleaning times. The labor intensity of ultrasonic cleaning is low. Its cleaning environment is clean and orderly. Automatic and efficient cleaning of complex parts;

8. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Ultrasonic cleaning supporting a circulating filtration system enables circulating filtration of the cleaning solvent repeatedly. It is of great significance for saving water, cleaning solvent costs, and improving the environmental image of enterprises.

How to choose industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner?

1. First you need to know the material of the washing parts and the contaminant on the parts.

2. The shape, size, and quantity of the washing parts. These will decide the specification of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner.

3. What cleaning agent you are going to use?  The cleaning process will depend on this and you can know how many tanks you need. The blue whale can customize the industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner according to your requirements. 

The advantage of industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner