Knowledge | 2022-04-29

The application of the blue whale automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine


In recent years, China's electronics industry has continued to grow rapidly, driving the strong development of the electronic component industry. China has become a world production base for electronic components. As China enters the historical period of building a well-off society in an all-around way. [eople's consumption level has entered a new stage of upgrading, and society's demand for electronic information products will increase significantly. At the same time, the quality and packaging of electronic products will also become higher and higher. So that many corporate bosses seek better to improve product quality.

According to the survey, in recent years, my country's automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment has played a good role in the national economy. With the further development of the national economy and the continuous development of high-tech fields in storage, fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning technology has attracted more attention. Especially the high attention of the production and processing electronic company owner. For manufacturers, the application of fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning technology is an essential process in the production of streamlined lines. It directly affects the quality of products produced by the enterprise, the length of service life, and the image of the enterprise.

Why is the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine so important in the electronics industry?

First, it has a wide range of use:

(1) The mechanical industry: removal of rust-proof oil; cleaning of quantity; oil removal and rust removal of mechanical parts;  carburetor and automotive parts; dredging and cleaning of filters, etc.

(2) Surface treatment industry: oil removal and rust removal before electroplating; cleaning before plating; phosphate treatment; removing carbon accumulation; removing oxide skin; removing polishing paste; metal workpiece surface activation treatment, etc.

(3) The instrument industry: cleaning before the high -cleaning degree of precision parts, etc.

(4) Electronic industry: printing line boards to remove rosin, and welded spots; cleaning of mechanical electronic parts such as high-voltage contacts.

(5) Medical industry: cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and cleaning of experimental utensils.

(6) Semiconductor industry: High cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor chips.

(7) The head of the clock, the decoration industry: remove the mud, dust, oxidation layer, polishing cream, etc.

(8) Chemistry, biological industry: cleaning and dirt of experimental utensils.

(9) Optical industry: oil removal, sweat removal, and gray optical devices.

(10) Textile printing and dyeing industry: cleaning textile ingots, spraying boards, etc.

Second, use a fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine to show the unique "charm".

(1) Fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, the consistent cleanliness of workpieces, and no damage to the surface of the workpiece.

(2) Do not need to contact the cleaning liquid in hand. It is safe and reliable to clean the hidden parts of deep holes, seams, and workpieces.

(3) to save solvent, heat energy, working place and manpower, etc.

(4) cleaning precision is high and can be powerful in cleaning tiny dirt particles.

At present, in China, the military electronics factory has begun to promote, and improve the reliability of products, but also reduce the cost of after-sales service of the double benefits. Blue whale ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the electronic industry has been in the development and application of the cleaning industry at the forefront.

The application of the blue whale automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine