Knowledge | 2022-04-29

Current Market analysis of ultrasonic washer


Ultrasonic washers are widely used, including four categories: industry, commerce, office, and households. At present, the market prospects have evolved from the only one to more than 2,000 manufacturers, and the Guangdong blue whale ultrasonic washer has spread throughout the world with more than 1,000 successful dealers in more than 80 countries. Of course, as far as the current producers are concerned, most of the products produced are divided into three categories.

The first category: large -scale automated equipment in the industry. Such products are customized according to the industry to which customers belong. And it is based on the characteristics of the customer's operating environment. Such models are generally large-scale passing machines. Or make it separately because of environmental factors. It is generally divided into several cleaning steps: cleaning, rinsing, drying, and so on. To achieve integrated intelligent flow! But this type of product will cost hundreds of thousands and millions! Non-general large-scale special enterprises cannot afford it!

The second category: There are two categories of ultrasonic cleaning equipment: one is a general-purpose ultrasonic washer, and the other is a dedicated ultrasonic washer. Such models are generally made of stainless steel. Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in many industries, such as the medical industry, health care institutions, juniors, optics, glasses, clocks, chemicals, electronics, hardware, automobiles, ships, aviation, and various repair industries, etc.

The third category: is a home ultrasonic cleaning machine. This type of ultrasonic cleaning machine is generally made of a plastic shell. The characteristics of a household ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. It is safe and reliable, green and environmentally friendly. It has a good cleaning effect. The transmission of ultrasonic waves in the water will produce a vacuum effect and act on the surface and fine gaps of jewelry. To peel off all stains and other harmful substances, so that jewelry is refreshing and clean, and hygienic. This cleaning method is physical cleaning. So it will not cause damage to jewelry, nor will there be a large amount of gold lost in the process of chemical solvent cleaning. It is the safest and most environmentally friendly cleaning method at present.

3. The latest control technology is used to use the latest control technology, which uses high-quality chips. It is simple and convenient to operate.

Household products can be used for daily cleaning and cleaning work of the family. Such as clean high-end watches, brand glasses, jewelry, and other valuables and papers, pens, discs, scrape knives, comb, toothbrushes, fake teeth, tea sets, bottle bottles, milk peaks, etc. All kinds of daily necessities, as well as clean fruits and vegetables.

In addition, there are various types of ultrasonic washer applications. Single tank ultrasonic washer and multi-tank ultrasonic washer can be customized according to customer requirements of various models is not immutable! Generally, if you contact manufacturers of the ultrasonic washer, they can give you the most convenient and quick cleaning program!

This shows that the ultrasonic washer in the international market has a bright future, from scratch, from imitation to the leading breakthrough step. And our domestic brand ultrasonic washer is far higher than the import brand. Because China's production of the ultrasonic washer will not lose to import brands. And the price of products is also very affordable.

At present, our Guangdong Blue Whale brand is oriented toward green environmental protection, health, and clean energy; supported by pioneering and enterprising, seeking for change through innovation; continuously creates value for customers by utilizing the connected world and combining various channels; and through lean operation, establish good supply chain cooperation, find the best location of cost.

We firmly believe that: product quality and service-oriented, in the future, we will be able to better lead the development of the ultrasonic industry. We can bring our brand to the international market and play our characteristics. Let us look forward to this day.

Current Market analysis of ultrasonic washer