Knowledge | 2022-07-06

The advantage of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is a very wide range of applications in the hardware has also played a major role in the application, the following look at the ultrasonic cleaning machine in dealing with hardware cleaning what advantages?

Compared with many other cleaning methods, the ultrasonic cleaning machine shows great advantages. Especially in the professional and group production enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional soaking, scrubbing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning, and steam cleaning. The high efficiency and high cleanliness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are due to the penetration and cavitation shock wave when the sound wave propagates in the medium. So it is easy to clean the parts with complicated shapes, inner cavities, and thin air. The normal process of oil removal, rust prevention, and phosphating can be finished in two or three minutes under Sonication, its speed than the traditional method can be several times to dozens of times, and cleanliness can also reach high standards, which in many of the product surface quality and productivity requirements of high occasions, it highlights the results that are difficult to achieve or irreplaceable with other processing methods. The advantages of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine are summarized as follows:

The cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning effect is good, the cleanliness is high, the workpiece cleanliness is consistent, does not have damage to the workpiece surface.

No hand contact cleaning fluid, safe and reliable. It can also clean the deep hole, the thin seam, and the concealed place of the workpiece.

Save solvent, heat energy, work site, labor, etc.

High cleaning accuracy, can be a powerful cleaning of small stain particles.

Greatly reduce acid, alkali, and other pollutants emissions.

The advantage of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine