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Technical characteristics of foreign industrial cleaning machines


At present, we can see all kinds of industrial cleaning machines, including intermediate cleaning machines and final cleaning machines, in the workshop of the automobile power plant and parts factory in our country. Most of the intermediate washers have been provided by domestic manufacturers, while the final washers are still dominated by foreign manufacturers due to their high-pressure deburring and high standards of cleanliness, mainly European, n and Japanese manufacturers.

Water-based cleaning machine mainly consists of the following four parts: cleaning system, rinsing system, high-pressure deburring system, and drying system. Foreign manufacturers tailor their solutions to complex parts in different industries, which involve the design of fixtures, the selection of cleaning methods, the design of high-pressure deburring and fixed-point positioning, and the filter system design and selection. Therefore, the production of industrial cleaning machines is composite mechanical manufacturing. Foreign industrial washing machine manufacturers mainly produce non-standard equipment. Although the scale of manufacturers is small and the annual output of equipment is not high, they often accumulate a lot of project experience, there is a wealth of surface treatment solutions.

According to the structure of industrial cleaning machines, there are four kinds of products of main foreign manufacturers: through-type cleaning machines, rotary cleaning machines, robot cleaning machines, and computer numerical control (CNC) cleaning machines. These four forms of industrial cleaning machines have their advantages, applicable to different production line layouts, feeding and unloading mode, and rhythm requirements.

Technical characteristics of foreign industrial cleaning machines at present, the development of foreign industrial cleaning machines have generally shifted from traditional Programmable logic controller control plus common deceleration motor and frequency converter drive to servo motor drive plus CNC control, robotics is increasingly integrated into cleaning technology. In recent years, foreign industrial robot technology is mainly embodied four major features.

A high-pressure deburring technique is used

In the past, the high-pressure deburring of the cleaning machine was done after the parts were thoroughly cleaned by the final cleaning machine, the high-pressure water containing 3% ~ 5% cleaning agent and 40MPa ~ 60MPa pressure was ejected through a specially designed nozzle by a high-pressure pump. Although this method can effectively reduce burrs in deep holes, blind holes, small holes, and other parts, there is a disadvantage, that is, can not adapt to small batches of multi-variety parts.

The combination of robot deburring technology on industrial cleaning machines can avoid big changes to the equipment, by changing the program, and grasping different types of nozzles, to achieve different product deburring. When applying the high-pressure deburring technology to the design of an industrial cleaning machine, it is necessary to consider the interference between each joint rotation and the workpiece, to maximize the working area. Different deburring nozzles are installed in the cleaning chamber, including point-supported nozzles, turbine nozzles, and inner cavity nozzles.

High-pressure deburring of the robot is a kind of flexible machining, which can avoid repeated clamping, and can define the parameters such as spray angle and feed speed of the manipulator. In addition, the deburring unit can be incorporated into other automatic units for a better flexible combination. There are more and more domestic power plants applying the technology of high-pressure deburring industrial cleaning machines.

Combined with the Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 concept, a German cleaning machine company developed the control application to better optimize the industrial cleaning machine working process. The application uses a self-learning system that automatically learns how long to fill and automatically controls the cleaning fluid concentration to maintain a constant level, eliminating the need for additional manual additions. In the process of drying control and exhaust gas emission control, energy saving can be achieved by adjusting the temperature in the drying area or in the vacuum dryer to minimize the energy needed for drying. In addition, there is a mobile phone APP function, can regularly intelligent remind customers to carry out equipment maintenance and replacement supplies, reduce downtime, and avoid production shutdown, thereby reducing the cost of downtime.

All the process data are displayed on the virtual reality platform to give the best control to the operator of the industrial cleaning machine. The more information provided, the faster and more correctly the operator can take action to maintain the stability of the production process and achieve higher productivity. Predictive maintenance ensures greater cost-effectiveness. The sensor is used to detect the current pressure, temperature, and pollution degree of the water tank in the cleaning system, and the related factory component information is stored in the data cloud. Users can use mobile phones, and tablets to access system information, such as device status, cleaning flow, maintenance time interval, and so on. In the event of a failure, maintenance personnel can take quick action or immediately start the ordering process for the required spare parts.

All-in-one cleaning solution

In foreign countries, there are more and more designers in the industrial cleaning machine from cleaning, and rinsing to deburring of the one-piece cleaning solution, instead of the traditional through-type cleaning machine and rotary cleaning machine. In an all-in-one cleaning solution, a robot is used to grab the material and send it directly into the cleaning tank for cleaning. Remove the burr at the fixed point with a different power head brush, and then wash the workpiece in the rinsing trough until it is dry and delivered to the specified position of blanking. The benefit of this design concept is that you only need to clamp the parts once, which greatly reduces the area and the time of the beat. The integrated cleaning solution has become the key development and application direction of foreign industrial cleaning machine manufacturers.

Machining Center type CNC cleaning machine

CNC cleaning machines with a machining center can choose the suitable type of nozzle for automatic tool change cleaning just like the machining center. The cleaning pressure can reach up to 50MPa, and it can finish the precision cleaning of complex parts. In the control system, CNC five-axis motion control is adopted. For hydraulic valve blocks, construction machinery valve blocks, and other parts, especially suitable for the use of machining center CNC cleaning machine. In this form of industrial cleaning machine, Japanese manufacturers produce the majority of products.

After entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of domestic automobile parts manufacturing and the aviation industry, people have higher and higher requirements for high-precision cleaning and deburring of various mechanical parts, and precision cleaning and surface treatment technologies are becoming increasingly important. In the design and manufacture of industrial cleaning machines, foreign manufacturers are clearly in the leading position. The research on the technical characteristics of foreign industrial cleaning machines can provide a reference for domestic industrial cleaning machine manufacturers and improve the overall level of domestic industrial cleaning machines.

Technical characteristics of foreign industrial cleaning machines