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Common safety problems in industrial cleaning


Industrial cleaning involves almost all fields, and cleaning projects of a wide variety, cleaning works can be as small as household work, or large as the entire factory. In the process of cleaning safety risks can not be avoided, in recent years, in the process of industrial cleaning safety, environmental protection accidents occur from time to time. Mainly reflected in 1 chemical cleaning, due to improper use of chemical cleaning agents, non-standard operation, causing damage to the owner's equipment, operators injured and other safety accidents; 2 high-pressure water jet injuries, compared with chemical cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning has lower cost and more environmental protection, and its popularization and application are more and more widely, and the accident of high-pressure water injury is also increasing year by year, basically involved in cleaning dirt, cleaning waste liquid or other useless sundries, if not properly handled by the norms, it is bound to cause environmental pollution, environmental pollution accidents. In the current situation of serious environmental pollution, we must pay attention to and deal with it.

Common safety problems in industrial cleaning

1. Chemical damage

Where chemical cleaning is involved in industrial cleaning, chemical cleaning agents will inevitably be used, the most common types of cleaning agents are alkaline cleaning agents, acidic cleaning agents, oxidizing cleaning agents, reducing cleaning agents, and solvent-based cleaning agents. These cleaning agents are harmful to the human body, can damage the skin, and accidental ingestion can lead to poisoning or damage to the internal organs of the human body. There are many accidents in chemical cleaning of industrial cleaning every year, such as direct cleaning agent wounding accidents, and indirect serious accidents caused by improper cleaning.

2. High-pressure water jet damage

In industrial cleaning, most mechanical injuries are caused by high-pressure water jets. The pressure of water jet cleaning usually ranges from 0.5 mph to 250 mph, and the higher the pressure, the greater the risk. High-pressure water work accident often occurs due to improper operation or incomplete measures in the cleaning operation. Common forms are as follows: 1 high-pressure water jet direct injury, the operation may be careless high-pressure water direct injury; 2 jet impact rebound caused by the injury, the high-pressure water gun, especially the ultra-high-pressure water gun, is an important accessory of the high-pressure cleaning machine, the primary tool for removing the pollutants on the surface of the object. The pressure is above 20 mph, and when the gun is held, it has obvious rebound force. Therefore, high-pressure water cleaning must be trained, professional operation, cleaning operations by the norms of operation, to avoid the impact of spray rebound injury; 3 jet spatter injury. In addition to high-pressure water, the jet can directly harm the human body, high-pressure system will form any small leakage of micro-jet, this jet can also cause potential harm to the human body; 4 object impact damage, the injury caused by objects flying out refers to the injury caused to the human body when the components of the high-pressure system become loose or when the high-pressure hose swings. Most will cause trauma, although not fatal, and also cause enough attention.

3. Equipment damage accident

In the process of industrial cleaning, the things to be washed are often damaged, which mainly occurs in the following situations: 1 improper selection or improper use of chemicals in chemical cleaning, which directly causes the equipment to corrode the damaged objects; Such as: cleaning common stainless steel material, if the choice of hydrochloric acid, due to the presence of large amounts of chloride ions, the common stainless steel material is easy to occur intergranular corrosion, resulting in damage to the object; 2 chemical cleaning, improper operation, the occurrence of over-washing, resulting in corrosion damage, over-washing now occurs from time to time in the cleaning operation, over-washing serious equipment will lead to large-scale corrosion, and even wash through the cleaning face, holes. In industrial cleaning, there will also be corrosion under the scale, that is, the original objects have holes, and just because the surface is covered with scale, mistaken for the device. When cleaning with high-pressure water, it is not enough to know the objects of different materials and different mechanical strengths, especially when cleaning non-metal parts, the pressure control is not reasonable, and the breakdown of damaged objects is common.

4. Environmental pollution accidents

There are two main types of industrial cleaning hazards: chemical cleaning waste liquid and mechanical cleaning dirt. The unorganized discharge of the chemical cleaning waste liquid directly pollutes the local water resources and soil, and the harmful cleaning solid dirt is thrown away at will, which also affects the natural environment in different degrees, such as: cleaning large oil tanks of petrochemical enterprises out of the sludge, if not the professional certificate of hazardous waste companies or harmless treatment, arbitrary disposal, heavy metal salts, alkanes, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, alkenes, benzenes and phenols in oils are toxic and harmful to the human body. Once they enter the environment in large quantities, they will inevitably cause serious pollution to the atmosphere, water resources, and soil.

Common safety problems in industrial cleaning