Knowledge | 2022-08-22

Spray cleaning equipment, spray ultrasonic cleaning machine system


Spray ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts automatic transmission cleaning, running smoothly, speed and subsequent processes can be adjusted, cleaning effect is good, high production efficiency. With reasonable structure, stable performance, and long service life of the characteristics of stamping parts, such as the ideal cleaning and drying equipment.

Spray cleaning equipment, spray ultrasonic cleaning machine system components:

1, automatic transmission chain: transmission of stainless steel materials, chain transmission, and continuous forward transmission, to ensure the smooth and accurate operation of the cleaning basket.

2. Spray system: there are two sets of spray cleaning, cleaning tank function-free combination. The inner cavity is provided with a spray pipe, and the spray pipe is provided with a stainless steel spray nozzle. The spray nozzles of the upper and lower spray pipes are arranged alternately, so that all the links of the cleaning workpieces are in the cleaning area, to ensure that there is no blind area for spraying when cleaning the workpieces, ensure the cleanliness of the workpiece cleaning.

3. Electric control system: Independent Control Cabinet, built-in PLC Programmable Controller, inverter, contactor, and other major electrical control components, using imported brand components assembly, stable and reliable, long service life.

4. Filter circulation system: make the cleaning agent circulation in the filter tank, and improve the cleaning effect.

5. Water cutting system: The Cutting Water Chamber is respectively discharged into the main drainage pipe, and there is an isolation section outside the water inlet and outlet to prevent water mist from passing through each other.

6, air pumping system: For each spray air, the side of the section has air pumping holes connected to the main pipe. The front end of the main tube is equipped with a defogging tower which is equipped with a Lacey ring and a centrifugal fan for air extraction.

Spray cleaning equipment, spray ultrasonic cleaning machine system