Knowledge | 2022-08-22

How to clean the fuel injector if it is too dirty? Quick cleaning method of the fuel injector.


When it comes to automotive fuel injectors, we all know. It is used in a car engine to inject oil into the engine. However, the nozzle in high temperature and high-pressure environment after long-term work, it is difficult to avoid carbon deposition. But in real life, a lot of owners of fuel injectors do not pay much attention to the cleanness. Once the fuel injection nozzle is blocked, the performance of the car in all aspects will be greatly compromised, and will directly affect the car's driving quality. For example, can lead to a car engine powering down, intake valve carbon will lead to idle unstable. Don't underestimate the problem. If not treated for a long time, it will cause an engine knock. Since the nozzle is so important, how can it be cleaned to make it as good as new? When the fuel injector is blocked, there will be some abnormal feedback to us during the driving. For example, when starting in low gear, the car wobbles a little, but when you accelerate, the wobble disappears. In this case, consider cleaning the nozzle.

Traditional cleaning methods for fuel injectors

1. Disconnect the fuel pump first. Some models can unplug the fuel pump relays to start the vehicle and burn the gasoline in the fuel line to prevent it from spilling out of the fuel line when the fuel line is removed, injuring the eye, or causing a fire by accident.

2. Put on the goggles before disassembling the oil pipe, find a cloth to cover the joint up and down, and find a suitable special joint to connect with the fuel rail oil inlet pipe, a vehicle with a return pipe blocks the return pipe or the return pipe is connected with the intake pipe to form a loop.

3. Put the special cleaning agent for the fuel injector into the suspension bottle and screw the cap on. The fuel supply pipe on the suspension bottle is connected to the fuel rail joint.

4. Connect the dropper to the Compressed air line, adjust the pressure of the cleaning bottle to 2-3Kgm, and turn on the switch of the upper line of the dropper. The specific pressure according to the model maintenance manual to determine

5. Check whether there is leakage at the connecting part of the fueling pipe and the return pipe. If there is leakage, it should be eliminated in time.

6. Start the engine at 1800 rpm idle until the product is used up and the engine will stop automatically.

7. shut down the engine after it has flameout. Remove tools and joints, use existing or new washers, and reconnect all pipes on the car.

8. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position and energize the fuel pump. Check all connections of the pipe for leaks.

9. After cleaning, check whether the tools are complete and keep them properly.

10. Note that this product needs to be cleaned when the water temperature reaches the normal operating temperature.

The traditional cleaning method of the injector nozzle can improve the carbon deposit of the injector, but the steps are complicated and the cleaning is not complete. If using ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning can be directly into the nozzle into the cleaning tank, all-round cleaning. Before ultrasonic cleaning should carefully check whether the nozzle atomization, oil leakage, responsiveness, switch sensitivity, and so on. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for blind holes and uneven places can be evenly cleaned to reduce the cost of cleaning and labor costs.

How to clean the fuel injector if it is too dirty? Quick cleaning method of the fuel injector.