Knowledge | 2022-06-15

Lucky for you, you will know all about routine circuit board cleaning!


The electrician knows the common sense of the circuit board. The circuit board is also called the wiring board, or the PCB board, the substrate. Of course, it is divided into many types of different classification methods: for example Soft and hard combined versions. According to the structural division: the hole board is buried on the blind hole board. According to the color score: green oil board, red oil board, white oil board, etc.

Although there are many classifications, a commonality will appear after a long time, which can easily lead to dust, dirt, and even oxidation on the surface. It needs to be cleaned up, otherwise, it will reduce their life. How to clean them?

The more common thing is to use bristles to dip the laundry water to brush. The so-called "washing brush and brushing". This method is okay for the cleaning effect of a single circuit board. Conductive electricity will not damage electronic components, and it is easy to volatilize so that the circuit board can keep dry, but some plastic circuit boards are not necessarily suitable for daily water, and plastic is easily dissolved. The effect is not so obvious for cleaning the residue of welded welds. Many electronic components cannot be washed in the gaps. There are many integrated circuits such as IC, and they are close to the substrate. There is no way to enter the brush into it. What should I do? The Jiemeng single groove ultrasound cleaning machine can solve these problems well.

Single groove ultrasonic cleaning machine, it uses ultrasonic high frequency to convert to kinetic energy re -acting on liquid medium, generates asleep, forms countless fine air bubbles and burst, and then impacts the surface of the objects. Essence Because it works through the liquid, as long as it is the surface of the object that liquid can be exposed to, it can be cleaned in place without leaving dead ends. And can act on each surface of multiple objects at the same time, with high efficiency and fast speed. Generally, it can be cleaned in about 15 minutes. This is artificially unable to complete.

An ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of an ultrasonic generator and an ultrasonic switch.

The advantages of induction are as follows:

(1) Fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, consistent cleanliness of workpieces, no damage to the surface of the workpiece, can be strongly cleaned and tiny.

(2) Do not need to contact the cleaning liquid in hand, safe and reliable to clean the hidden parts of deep holes, seams, and workpieces.

(3) Save solvents, thermal energy, work venues, and artificial.

(4) It can effectively hide, enhance the welding capacity of pads and tube feet, and reduce electromagnetic interference.


Lucky for you, you will know all about routine circuit board cleaning!