Knowledge | 2022-06-14

Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine For Metal Parts-Blue whale ultrasonic cleaner tank


The whole process of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is mechanical automatic. It applies to plating parts, vacuum plating parts, locks, motor parts, bearings, die ware, stainless steel tableware, compressors, clock parts, precision textile equipment, precision molds, gears, and Crankshaft, valve, radiator, etc. These precision parts are cleaned during the production and processing process of processing. So it has a wide range of applications.

The features of Blue Whale Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine:

1. The metal workpiece is cleaned before electroplating;

2. Last cleaning dedicated before the finished packaging of metal parts;

3. Equipped with efficient ultrasound cleaning. It does not damage the surface of the workpiece;

4.100% Do not leave water stains, low operation costs;

5. Short operation cycle time, high output;

6. Equipped with spray and pure water rinsing tank;

7. With dryer tanks, automatic balance system PLC programming automatic control system.

The cleaning process of Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine:

The cleaning process and process flow are also important when choosing suitable ultrasound cleaning technology parameters. The ultrasonic cleaning process is essentially a complex physics, chemical and mechanical effects between the surface, contaminants, and the three parts of the cleaning medium. The most common ultrasonic cleaning form is to immerse parts in the ultrasonic cleaning tank containing the cleaning liquid. The high-frequency electrical energy is then converted to ultrasonic vibration through an ultrasonic generator, radiated into the cleaning liquid. And the advanced ultrasonic cleaning process, generally often used multi-slot automatic, joint cleaning procedures. Such applications are more in mechanical industries, surface treatment industries, electronics, chemistry, biological industries, etc.

Fully Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine For Metal Parts-Blue whale ultrasonic cleaner tank