Knowledge | 2022-06-15

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware


As far as hardware consumers are concerned, many commodities are flying all over the sky now. It is inevitable that when we shop, we will see a dazzling phenomenon. We can not help but take our eyes off the quotations, today, many people consider whether the product is suitable for their personality, quality, and even how the brand, the pattern of goods, high cost-effective, environmental protection, etc. have become the main point of their shopping. Especially the improvement of economic life, more and more people attach importance to well-being, natural environmental protection has become the key!

At the same time, the demand for Chinese hardware products will gradually change. The quality, packaging, and supply period of Chinese goods will have higher demand, and even gradually extend to the development of production and the development of goods. Environmental protection, power resources, and the human environment are combined.

So, in the face of these competitive pressures, how can the elders of hardware companies get out of confusion? It has become an urgent need to solve the problem in the eyebrows.

As the saying goes, "Everyone who wants to be a big thing is to do it in fineness." At present, in such a period of competition and confusion, relevant personnel in the hardware industry have selected a hardware parts automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine. The reason is as follows:

1. The principle of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

It is mainly to transform the power of the power ultrasonic frequency source, convert it into a mechanical vibration, and radiate the cleaning liquid in the groove to the ultrasonic by cleaning the groove wall. Due to the radiated ultrasound, the micro-bubbles in the liquid in the groove can keep vibration under the action of sound waves. When the sound pressure or the sound strong is stressed to a certain extent, the bubbles will expand quickly and then close suddenly. In this process, the instantaneous shock waves of the bubbles were closed, which caused the pressure and temperature adjustment of 1012-1013Pa around the bubbles. The huge pressure generated by this ultrasonic vacuum can destroy insoluble dirt and differentiate them in the solution. Steam-type empty impact on dirt. On the one hand, the adsorption of the surface of the dirt and the cleaning of the cleaning part, on the other hand, can cause the fatigue destruction of the dirt layer and be refuted. The vibration drops off the pollution layer. Due to the navigation effect, the two liquids are rapidly dispersed and emulsified in the interface. When the solid particles are wrapped in oil and adhered to the surface of the cleaning piece, the oil is emulsified and the solid particles fall off by themselves. The sound pressure of negative transformation forms a shot and impacts the cleaning parts. At the same time, because the non-linear effect will generate sound and microsound flow, ultrasonic vacation will produce high -speed micro -shot flow in the solid and liquid interface. All these functions can destroy dirt. It can also remove or weaken the boundary pollution layer, increase stirring and diffusion, accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, and strengthen the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agents. It can be seen that all the liquids can be immersed in and the sound field has a cleaning effect, which is characterized by the cleaning of parts with very complex surface shapes. Especially after using this technology, the number of chemical solvents can be reduced, thereby greatly reducing the environmental pollution.

2. Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines can be used for various industries, such as hardware electronic industry, precision line board, precision instrument, hardware industry, watch industry, electroplating industry, LCD, glasses industry, jewelry, mechanical accessories, semiconductor, aviation, and automobiles Manufacturing, etc.

3. The characteristics of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

(1) special purpose for cleaning metal parts before plating

(2) Special-purpose for final cleaning of metal parts before final packaging

(3) Equipped with high-efficiency ultrasonic cleaning, no damage to the workpiece surface

(4)100%without leaving water stains and low operating costs

(5) Short operating cycle time and High Output

(6) Equipped with spray and pure water rinsing tank

(7)  Equipped with drying tank, spare automatic balance system PLC programming automatic control system

Warm Tip: customers can choose according to the actual situation, such as oil filter, cycle filtering, drying, adjustable power, and other functions. In operation can choose the mechanical type or numerical control type. Power and frequency can also be customized, the blue whale can provide 28/40/68/80/120 kHz and other frequency bands, power is based on the size of the cleaning tank, from 300 watts to more than 1800 watts.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware