Knowledge | 2022-06-20

Large exposure of ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts


No matter what type of brand car, has become an important vehicle for us, with People's demand for cars more and more high-degree of dependence on the car, the car's precision is also getting higher and higher, even the small parts on the car are so picky. It is precisely because of the existence of these factors that the automobile enterprises are forced to further refine their technology, quality, and so on, thus promoting a qualitative leap in their products, to achieve a win-win situation of mutual benefit.

How do achieve a mutually beneficial good situation? A lot of auto manufacturers here, the vast majority of the use auto parts with the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Do not look down on the washing machine, it is an important process for the production of water flow, and it seriously affects the quality of products and the length of life. So why is it such a short time to get more car companies recognized and applied to it?

Market research has led to the conclusion:

1. The use of an automobile repair ultrasonic cleaning machine or auto parts ultrasonic cleaning machine can effectively achieve the cylinder head inside and outside the surface of carbon, gum, sludge, and other oil clean thoroughly, to renew the effect. At the same time, it can also thoroughly clean all the lubricating oil channel holes and part of the cooling system, greatly improving engine performance.

2. The product is cleaned with tap water and a cleaning agent, which can be reused for a long time, and the cleaning cost is very low (1/10 of the cleaning cost of gasoline). Greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning, cleaning is the traditional immersion, heating spray, and other cleaning methods 5-10 times.

3. Adopt high-voltage transistor transducer, special bonding technology, strong ultrasonic, support long time high-intensity work. Hydropower Design, safe and reliable operation. Ultrasonic power and temperature control can be adjusted and set at will.

The use of them by enterprises, and the community brings more economic benefits.

(1) economic benefits of the enterprise

After using ultrasonic cleaning technology, 95106 liters of cleaning gasoline can be saved every year, which is equivalent to 99956.4 kg of standard coal. The cost is saved about 500000 yuan, and the economic benefit is considerable.

(2) social benefits

The popularization and application of the ultrasonic cleaning machine have completely changed the cleaning method of the spare parts in the automobile maintenance industry, saved the precious petroleum resources, reduced the waste oil emission, improved the maintenance efficiency, and reduced the maintenance cost, good social benefits have been obtained.

(3) comprehensive effect

The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the water solution to clean, not only has the good economic benefit and the social benefit but simultaneously also reduced the worker's labor intensity, has improved the dirty and messy work environment, eliminating the flammable and explosive hidden danger in the process of gasoline cleaning, is a major change in the auto maintenance industry parts cleaning process.

Finally, its use is particularly widespread:

Used for auto and motorcycle parts, metal stamping parts, electronic and electrical parts, oil pump nozzle, compressor parts, semiconductor Silicon Chip, electroplating industry pretreatment, and chemical fiber industry spinneret and filter cleaning.

Large exposure of ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts