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Blue whale professionals teach you how to clean your glasses?


There are more and more people wearing myopia glasses. Here I remind everyone to make more glasses massage. This can prevent the eyes from increased the eyes and relieve the fatigue of the glasses. Of course To protect the eyes, course, when you say this, you must also remind your friends to better protect your glasses to better clean your glasses, and disinfect them to avoid bacterial infections. To provide better services and product quality assurance, we also need to clean the glasses regularly and prepare for disinfection and sterilization to minimize the harm. When it comes to cleaning glasses, we also need to master the correct method of cleaning glasses.

In daily life, you can choose one of the following methods to clean the glasses and keep the lens hygiene and performance so that we can protect our vision well.

1. Spray cleaning

To a regular glasses shop, buying a spray cleaner for glasses can quickly remove slight stains and fingerprints, and it also helps to prevent facial oil, or other substances accumulate on the glasses when wearing. This is safe, applicable, and simple.

2. Special cloth for glasses

Compared with spray cleaning, this method is more efficient, convenient, and safe, you can use it anytime, anywhere. Besides, the general professional glasses test cloth is made of unique professional formula, which can quickly clean the oil, stains, dust, etc. on the lens. At the same time, the special cloth of the glasses also has a disinfection and sterilization effect, and a series of germs such as bacteria will not appear in the lens.

3. Rinse water

This is a simple method for cleaning the lens, but only the fingerprint and dust on the lens can be cleaned. You cannot completely clear the oil stains and stains dipped in the lens. Therefore, it is generally not rinsed with water.

4. Home ultrasonic cleaning machine

The general glasses cleaning machine uses the principle of ultrasonic, adding appropriate water to the machine, putting the glasses, and adding to the glasses can fully clear each part of the glasses, and can also put the original bacteria and fungi of the lens. And the removal of the sediment is comprehensive, effective, efficient, and clean.

Kind tips:

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Household ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used:


Professional departments: Glasses Shop, jewelry shop, watch shop, mobile phone repair shop, office supplies, and household goods

Applicable products: glasses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, electronic products, watches, dentures, printer ink head (no special cleaning fluid, just tap water), razor head, pen tip, coins, badges, pacifiers, cups, cleaning fruits, vegetables, etc., quick and effective disinfection and sterilization.

Blue whale professionals teach you how to clean your glasses?