Knowledge | 2022-04-09

Is it good to use a gear ultrasonic cleaning machine?


How to clean gear is a big problem for many companies. There will inevitably be oil, cutting the shirt, and other stains on the gear after a series of processing processes or after use. And cleanliness is an important indicator for installing gear.  If the gear is not cleaned, it will cause gears uneven while installation. It will affect the quality and life of the whole transmission system. Since the gear size and form are different, it has increased the difficulty of cleaning methods for the gear. So is it good to choose a gear ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The traditional cleaning methods for cleaning gear: hand brushing, spraying, high-pressure cleaning, etc. They have shortcomings like low cleaning efficiency, bad cleaning result, and time-consuming. Now it is gradually being replaced by the gear ultrasonic cleaning machine. The ultrasonic cleaning system uses cavitation. It can remove oil and dirt entirely on the gears. You can save labor and improve the working environment through one gear ultrasonic cleaning machine. Besides, the machine can clean a large number of gears at the same time. It saves a lot of time compared to the traditional cleaning method.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine for gears is easy to operate and cost-effective. It not only can do a better cleaning job but also save time and cost. So it has high economic benefits. The gear ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean complicated shape mechanical parts perfectly like gear and bearing. So it is a necessary equipment for cleaning gear.

Is it good to use a gear ultrasonic cleaning machine?