Knowledge | 2022-04-11

It is better to clean medicine bottles with an ultrasonic cleaning device


With the development of modern enterprises, more and more attention has been paid to ultrasonic cleaning machines in modern industry. It can greatly promote the development of a clean industry and improve production efficiency. Ultrasonic cleaners, for example, have made a huge contribution to the pharmaceutical industry. In particular, the cleaning of the medicine bottle greatly reduces the cost and improves the recovery rate.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine has a unique working principle and obvious cleaning effect:

1. The rushing effect on dust caused by ultrasonic cleaning.

2. Due to the strong ultrasonic wave, part of the dust layer is stripped, relaxed, emulsified, and detached under the action of the ultrasonic wave.

3. Ultrasound accelerates the dissolving process of dust by the chemical cleaner. The combination of chemistry and physics speeds up the cleaning process.

4. The ultrasonic cavitation will generate millions of bubbles. Due to the simultaneous expansion of small air bubbles and sound pressure, they are shortened and have the same physical repetition effect as peeling. Layer by layer, the bubbles continue to soak, until completely peel off. This is the secondary effect of cavitation.

To sum up! The ultrasonic cleaning machine is better for cleaning bottles.

It is better to clean medicine bottles with an ultrasonic cleaning device