Knowledge | 2022-08-10

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil and dirt, easy to solve the problem of oil pollution


We all know that removing industrial oil is a very difficult thing, if you use human cleaning, not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also leads to some corners of the clean-up. Therefore, now the common use cleaning method is the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove industrial oil.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal advantages:

1, clean thoroughly, whether it is the object surface or crevices can be cleaned in place;

2, high efficiency, at the same time, cleaning all parts of the object, efficiency is artificial can not be compared, but also can be a large number of cleaning;

3, to prevent secondary pollution, after ultrasonic cleaning, the surface of the object will become smoother, greatly reducing the adhesion of dirt.

Cleaning method:

Scrubbing: putting parts into containers containing diesel oil, kerosene, or other cleaning fluids, and scrubbing with cotton yarn or a brush. The method has the advantages of simple operation and simple equipment, but low efficiency, and is suitable for small parts with a single small batch. Generally not suitable for the use of gasoline, because the fat-soluble gasoline will harm human health, easy to cause fire

High-temperature washing: put the prepared solution and the parts to be cleaned into a suitable-sized washing basin welded with steel plates, and heat to 80-90 ° C ° C. place the stove under the basin, rinse for 3 ~ 5 minutes spray cleaning: will be a certain pressure and temperature of the cleaning fluid spray on the surface of the parts to remove oil. The method has a good cleaning effect and high production efficiency, but the equipment is complicated, suitable for cleaning the shape is not too complex, the surface oil serious parts vibration cleaning: the parts to be cleaned in the vibration cleaning machine cleaning basket or cleaning rack, soak them in the cleaning fluid. The vibration generated by the cleaning machine can simulate the artificial rinsing and cleaning fluid chemical action to remove oil.

Note: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to industrial oil used by the frequency of about 40KHz, the use of small-scale higher frequency, the use of large-scale lower frequency. Considering the property of ultrasonic straight-line propagation, parts should be rotated and turned in the oil-removing groove so that all parts on the surface can get the radiation of ultrasonic waves and receive a better oil-removing effect.

Oil removal principle: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, the removal of industrial oil is the adhesion of oil products in the oil removal liquid, with a certain frequency of ultrasonic radiation process oil, the introduction of ultrasound can strengthen the process of oil deposition, shorten the oil removal time, improve process quality, but also can make the blind hole of the oil thoroughly clean. The role of ultrasonic oil removal to a large extent is based on the role of air. When the Sonication is applied to a liquid, the instantaneous negative pressure and the instantaneous positive pressure are generated alternately, and many vacuum holes are created in the liquid during the half-cycle when the negative pressure is produced by vibration, liquid Vapors or gases dissolved in a solution enter the cavity to form bubbles, which are then compressed and burst during a half-cycle of positive pressure, creating a sudden burst of pressure (up to hundreds of MPA), it produces a huge shock wave, produces a strong agitation to the solution, and forms an impact force to scour the oil stains on the surface of the workpiece, which makes the oil stains on the deep pits and pores on the surface of the workpiece easy to remove, and strengthens the saponification and emulsifying effect, thus, the process of deoiling is accelerated and the deoiling is more thorough.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil and dirt, easy to solve the problem of oil pollution