Knowledge | 2022-08-10

The requirements of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines for the use environment


An industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, as the name suggests, is a professional cleaning machine designed to meet enterprises with a poor environment and mining environment, long running time, large cleaning volume, and high cleaning efficiency. The resistance is the goal. Industrial equipment cleaning is generally adopted by heavy tough steel structures to adapt to different industrial and mining conditions; the product is based on maintainability; the equipment quality is reliable, sturdy, and durable, and the service life is generally more than three times that of other cleaning machines. The normal operation of the industrial cleaning machine requires a safe and healthy operating environment, which is conducive to the smooth progress of cleaning operations. During the cleaning operation, try to avoid the harmful steam generated by improper operation into the human respiratory tract, causing personal damage.

This puts forward specific requirements for the cleaning operation environment:

1. When we clean the harmful substances, the working environment must be ventilated. Try not to work in a closed environment to avoid harmful substances entering the human body through the respiratory tract, causing unnecessary harm to the human body. When operating an industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, organic solvent poisoning must be strictly prevented to meet the specific requirements of safety operations.

2. Keep the body and inner slot clean after use.

3. Avoid long-term work. Humanized cleaning not only requires the operation and humanization of cleaning equipment, but also requires the cleaning process to not cause any harm to the operator, and at the same time can create a good working environment for the operator.

The requirements of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines for the use environment