Knowledge | 2022-05-23

Some misunderstandings about the ultrasonic washer machine


In the entire production industry, it should not be unfamiliar with the ultrasonic washer machine, and even some companies often use ultrasonic cleaning. For some misunderstandings of ultrasonic cleaning, let's clarify today!

1. Aluminum cannot be placed in the ultrasonic cleaning machine --- The answer is wrong.

As long as the type of cleaning liquid is correct, almost any type of metal can be placed in an ultrasonic cleaning system. I'm not sure how this information starts, but this is not true. As long as the cleaner is compatible with aluminum, it can be cleaned safely and effectively.

2. Putting the printing circuit board (PCB) into the ultrasonic washer machine will damage the solder point --- The answer is wrong.

Many people mistakenly believe that the working principle of the ultrasonic washer machine is to shake off the dirt on the part. Obviously, this is not their way of working. The ultrasonic cleaning system is used to produce pollutants on the surface of the parts by generating tiny air bubbles. Ultrasonic cleaning is a very effective method of cleaning PCB.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning does not work-the answer is wrong.

When using the best chemical, cleaning cycle time and temperature, ultrasonic cleaning is very effective in removing pollutants. This myth maybe by a consumer trying to use the wrong component of the wrong chemicals, or the device used is too small for the cleaning items. In any case, this statement is incorrect. Hundreds of different enterprises and industries are proved to me every day.

4. The longer the ultrasonic cleaning machine runs, the cleaner parts-this are correct, but to a certain extent.

If the cleaning device can be cleaned for 3 minutes, it may make the components cleaner for 5 minutes. The degree of cleaning the parts needs to be achieved by the user. It may be clean enough after 3 minutes, or it may take 5 minutes to be considered acceptable. However, there is only a limited amount of pollution on any given part, and once it disappears, it disappears. In this case, if 100% of pollutants and debris are disappeared after 15 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning, it will not clear more debris for 5 minutes.

5. Medical and dental tools are not sterile if they are only cleaned by the ultrasound-the answer is wrong.

Today, many dental clinics, medical clinics, and hospitals only use ultrasonic washer machines to clean and disinfect their tools and instruments. Using the correct cleaning solution, the ultrasonic washer machine can remove all bacteria, mold, and protein pollutants that may exist on the tool.

6. Before putting parts in the ultrasonic washer machine, you must wipe them clean-the answer is wrong.

Before starting the ultrasonic cleaning cycle, no pollutants on the parts need to be removed, but excess oil, oil, and dirt can be removed to minimize the accumulation of residues in the fuel tank, and it will help speed up the cleaning process. This myth may be left over to be washed before putting the plate into the dishwasher. The modern dishwasher can effectively remove one-eighth-inch or 3 -inch thick potatoes from the plate. The ultrasonic washer machine is also doing the same thing.

These are not shocking truths. But the final fact is that ultrasonic washer machine is extraordinary cleaning equipment because they can handle almost endless materials, remove pollutants with a wide range of extensive range, and can be completed within a few minutes. To make the ultrasonic cleaning effective, the chemical composition, temperature, and cycle must be correct; once the ideal combination is found, almost anything can be safely and thoroughly clean.

Some misunderstandings about the ultrasonic washer machine