Knowledge | 2022-07-05

How to use an ultrasonic washing machine to safely clean your jewelry


Ladies, if you already have a diamond or a piece of gold jewelry, an ultrasonic washing machine is a must. More fine jewelry than I got on You? Run, do not walk, ultrasonic washing machine, let your jewelry hide sparkling.

Some jewelry, wedding rings, and engagement rings are the same, worn every day. These pieces of jewelry are in constant contact with your body, collecting body oils, wacky skin, toner, and who knows during the day. Ultrasonic jewelry vacuum can make your jewelry look new because it removes the most insidious dirt that you can get from cleaning jewelry anywhere.

For best results, keep your jewelry in mind when cleaning with an ultrasonic washing machine. Here are four tips.

Tip 1: avoid water

Avoid electric shock! Sorry to startle you, but the first and most important thing to remember is to avoid contact with water while the ultrasonic washing machine is working,

there is a small pool that you will fill with water. Do It while the device is unplugged. Fill the tub with water, and the minimum and maximum marks in the tub. Dry your hands and then plug the device into the socket. When the equipment is running, don't even think about water near the bucket. After cleaning, pull out the plug first with dry hands, and then retrieve the clean jewelry from the bathtub.

Tip 2: only hard stones and precious metal jewelry

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are best with hard and durable gems. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and other cut or faceted gems are made very well. They cleaned the ultrasonic cleaning machine line.

As gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals do well. Other metals, including titanium, stainless steel, copper, and brass are also picked up. But keep in mind that ultrasonic cleaning is not clean discoloration, this is the result of oxidation. Ultrasonic washers remove the surface of organic material rather than the extinction caused by chemical reactions such as oxidation.

Ultrasonic jewelry vacuum left your watch. Unless you are sure that your watch is completely sealed and waterproof, you have a chance to clean it with an ultrasound.

Ultrasonic cleaning should avoid soft, porous gems. Pearls, turquoise, mica, and amber, for example, should not go into the ultrasonic cleaner. A rule of thumb is to avoid gems with a hardness of less than 4.

In addition, other soft porous materials used in jewelry should not go into the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Avoid this cleaning method for materials including but not limited to, leather, wool, silk thread, chicken hearts with plastic pieces or photos, ribbons, etc.

Avoid the ultrasonic vibration of inlaid ornaments that may shake a set of stones loose.

Tip 3: use a small amount of cleanser

With the help of ultrasound, a little Surfactant cleaning works better. That means detergent. Any floor cleaner would do' is advised by a reputable jewelry expert. Yes, floor cleaners, such as Lestoil, and ultrasonic cleaner works well with your best and most precious jewelry! Any dishwashing liquid will do just as well. Don't be afraid. It did not harm. Just put a little. Half of a bottle cap works well.

Tip 4: heat water

Most ultrasonic washing machines are equipped with automatic water heaters. The switches on the equipment can be optionally heated. Choose to heat with water to clean, because it does not work better. In addition, the general heating option automatically adjusts to a constant temperature (usually 60 degrees) to avoid overheated water. Please put it on your machine.

Think of your ultrasonic washing machine as a washing machine with exquisite jewelry. There are some restrictions, and elaborate manipulation, you will love how your jewelry is coming out... Let the ultrasound shine!