Knowledge | 2022-07-04

These precautions should be kept in mind when using an ultrasonic cleaner!


We have to read everything carefully before using its doctrine, and the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is no exception. The following is the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the process should pay attention to a few matters.

1. Use cleaning fluids with care

When using the ultrasonic cleaning machine, it shall be operated in the order required by the instruction manual. In particular, you can't turn on the machine and then pour the cleaning fluid in. This is an illegal operation that can have serious consequences and even damage the machine, so put the liquid in first and then turn on the switch. Also, consider the composition of the cleaning fluid. If the flammable liquid is present, the operation shall be completed within a short period and the whole process shall be carried out under the supervision and shall not be removed from the site.

2. Pay attention to special treatment when using corrosive or volatile cleaning fluid

In general, the use of dangerous cleaning fluid is not recommended, but if special circumstances, it is emphasized that ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers must use corrosive or volatile liquid, they should use indirect methods for appropriate treatment. The specific method of operation is to first add water to the cleaning tank, and then fill another container with cleaning fluid, will be cleaned items into the cleaning tank, and then soak in the water in the cleaning tank. This cleaning method will also be very effective. The same effect ensures safety.

3. The power supply and electric heater of the ultrasonic cleaning machine have a good earthing device.

4. It is forbidden to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine when there is no water or solvent in the tank, which will cause air vibration and cause the vibration head to be scrapped or damaged.

5. It is forbidden to open the heating switch when there is no liquid in the cleaning equipment with the heating system.

6. It is forbidden to hit the bottom of the cleaning tank with heavy objects (iron pieces) to avoid damaging the energy converter chip.

7. Ultrasonic generator power supply should be used alone 220V/50Hz power, and equipped with more than 2000W voltage regulator.

8. The bottom of the cleaning tank should be washed regularly and should not have too many sundries or dirt.

9. Do not put your fingers in the sink while the washing machine is running, or you will feel stinging or uncomfortable.

10. Each time a new fluid is replaced, the components can be cleaned after ultrasonic start-up.

11. Use Water or an aqueous solution as a cleaner. Do not use alcohol, gasoline, or any combustible gas as a cleaning agent to enter the cleaning machine.

12. Direct use of flammable liquid cleaning, as far as possible in a short time to complete the cleaning, and ask the operator not to leave the scene.

13. Indirect cleaning may be used when corrosive or volatile cleaning fluids are required. That is: add water to the tank, and then the necessary cleaning liquid into the appropriate container, the items to be cleaned into, and then loaded with cleaning liquid and cleaning items into the container into the tank, began to clean the work. The effect is the same as direct cleaning.

14. The temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning tank should be 30 ~ 50 ° C, and the cleaning agent should be selected correctly according to different cleaning objects. Cleaning agents are generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvents cleaning agents, and chemical reaction cleaning agents. Water-based cleaning agents are often used, according to the degree of pollution and the nature of the dirt to be cleaned to choose different cleaning times.

15. During use, do not open the machine first and then pour cleaning fluid, which will damage the machine.

16. Please do not put the cleaning articles directly on the bottom of the cleaning trough. The basket is cleaned with a special cleaning bracket, which is beneficial for improving the cleaning effect.

17. As far as possible to avoid continuous working time being too long, generally, not more than 30 minutes is appropriate.

18. Do not put too little cleaning or degassing liquid in the tank when using, generally put in the tank 2/3 place.

19. Pay attention to the control of cleaning-related factors

Blue whale ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers advise not to wash things on the bottom, but to use a specially cleaned stent on the top of the head, placed in the middle, so when eating, the uniform force can get a good cleaning effect. At the same time, ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers remind us, that cleaning fluid energy should be controlled, not too little, or the instrument may be damaged or fail. Believe that through the above several points of understanding, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines should pay attention to the process of a few points to have a general understanding. If you do not understand the other place, welcome to communicate with our manufacturers at any time to exchange experiences.

These precautions should be kept in mind when using an ultrasonic cleaner!