Knowledge | 2022-08-26

How to make the ultrasonic cleaning machine achieve the ideal oil removal cleaning effect?


The oil removal effect of an ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly depends on four major factors: oil removal temperature, oil removal time, ultrasonic effect, and oil removal agent quality.

1. Oil removal temperature generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the better the oil removal effect. High temperatures reduce the viscosity of oily dirt and speed up chemical reactions such as saponification and Surfactant penetration, emulsification, and dispersion. But in not all cases, the higher the temperature, the better. Various oil removers have their suitable temperature range. Too high a temperature can cause some of the Surfactants in the oil remover to precipitate, accumulate, and adhere to the cleaned surface, causing the phosphating layer to frost unevenly.

2. The oil removal time must guarantee enough oil removal time, when the oil is dirty, must increase the contact time between the oil removal liquid and the oil. But in a high-speed assembly line, oil removal time is often not allowed to be too long.

3. Ultrasonic effect use an ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil. The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the “Cavitation effect”, which produces tiny bubbles, constantly close and burst so that the stains on the object fall. To achieve the cleaning effect, and the “Cavitation effect” will affect the performance of the machine, the performance of the machine determines the cleaning effect.

4. The quality of oil remover the composition and the variety of oil remover have a great influence on the effect of oil remover. For example, an alkaline degreaser containing Surfactant has a better degreasing effect than an alkaline degreaser alone. Therefore, should be based on the material to be cleaned (steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, etc.), oil properties, treatment methods, and other conditions.

The correct selection method of oil remover and its compatibility with the next process is determined by experiments. In the use of the process, the de-oiling agent will continue to consume and must be regularly replenished to maintain the concentration. In actual use, we must carefully consider the above factors, so that all factors are controlled in a good state. But one can not look at a problem in isolation. If the objective conditions of the constraints, but also through the strengthening of other factors to make up for the lack of a factor.

How to make the ultrasonic cleaning machine achieve the ideal oil removal cleaning effect?