Knowledge | 2022-08-27

How to select the cleaning power and frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine


Cleaning machine power selection: ultrasonic cleaning effect is not necessarily proportional to (power × cleaning time), and sometimes with small power, takes a long time did not remove dirt. And if the power reaches a certain value, sometimes the dirt is removed quickly. If the selection power is too large, the cavitation intensity will be greatly increased, and the cleaning effect is improved, but at this time, the more precise parts also produce corrosion spots, and the loss is not worth the gain, and the cavitation at the vibrating plate at the bottom of the cleaning cylinder is serious, water spot corrosion is also increased and is generally not a problem when organic solvents such as trichloroethene are used, but it is susceptible to water spot corrosion when water or water-soluble cleaning solutions are used. If the surface of the vibrating plate has been damaged, the cavitation corrosion is more serious under the strong power, so the ultrasonic power should be selected according to the actual use.

Cleaning machine frequency selection: in the low-frequency case, the liquid pressure and pull longer time; therefore the cavitation generation time is long, the volume is long, and the impact force produced by cavitation closure is directly proportional to the size of the cavitation bubble.

So the lower the frequency, the stronger the cavitation. And we used in industrial cleaning frequency is generally less than 60KHz, the most used is between 20-40KHz. Using the frequency of about 20KHz, we can get a relatively small number of cavitation bubbles, but there is a large cavitation intensity, and accompanied by noise, can be used to clean the surface of large parts and the surface of the object with the high bonding strength of the workpiece. At the frequency of about 40 kHz, under the same sound pressure, the number of cavitation bubbles is large, but the cavitation intensity is low, the noise is small, and the penetration ability is strong, suitable for complex surfaces, blind holes, dirt and weak surface adhesion of the workpiece.

How to select the cleaning power and frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine