Knowledge | 2022-05-02

How to clean the glasses correctly?


Glasses that have just been bought back are always bright. However, many times your lens brightness is not as clear as just bought it in less than three months,? The most upset is that the eyes are often divided into eyeglasses? When you go shopping, the dust in the wind will attach to the glasses. If one day your friend will walk by you and does not say hi to you, please don't blame him, because he may be myopia. When talking about myopia, it is full of tears!

The following is the heart of myopia. The world leans against glasses, otherwise, the world is blurred in my eyes. If I have no umbrellas in the rain, I can't see the road clearly. If I want to sleep on the side to sleep? But your glasses will represent protests ... When I look at the 3D movie, I will suffer. At the same time, the two glasses frames are on the nose. I will be sore for a while. When winter, I came out of the warm room, and the lens was immediately fogged. Glasses became a must-have necessity for many people. But do you know how to clean your glasses correctly?

Many people see that their glasses are dirty, they will pick up their clothes and wipe them. If they pay attention, they will pick up the glasses cloth and rub. But in fact, these practices are not available. Don't think you can wipe it with a glasses cloth! The glasses cloth is not used to wipe the glasses. The glasses cloth is mainly used in packing glasses. Wrap the glasses with the glasses cloth. In this way, the glasses can be placed in the glasses box to avoid the friction of the glasses and the friction of the glasses case. When you purchase glasses, you will usually send an eyeglass box plus a glasses cloth. The best use of the glasses cloth is that when you don't wear glasses, you can put them in the glasses case. The glasses cloth is like a layer of protective film to protect it to avoid friction collisions inside the glasses case.

The emergence of these situations will make your beloved glasses reduce life. Protect your glasses. The first step is to get used to cleaning the glasses every day. The second step is to pay attention to whether the action of wearing glasses and detachment is correct. 

The glasses cleaning is very necessary according to above contents. Then what is the correct cleaning method?

7 steps for cleaning glasses correctly:

Preparation: This is very simple. Just prepare a Lanj-900 small ultrasonic cleaning machine, glasses, a socket, and a little washing fine.

(1). First prepare a Lanj-900 small sonic cleaning machine.

(2). Open the upper cover of the machine and pour the appropriate amount of tap water into the machine's tank (as long as the water can cover the eyeglass).

(3). After the water is added, then add a few drops of dishwashing. Just the dishwashing we use usually. Ane then you can stir the water with your hand. Or stir with something else.

(4). Connect the machine power cord to the home socket. Then put on the glasses and press the middle power button. At this time, the machine panel will display the number.

(5). When the machine displays the number, then we will set the time to clean the machine. Press the first button setting time on the left side for 120 seconds. It takes 120 seconds in general to clean glasses. The machine can be set (90-120-150-180-210-240-270-300-330-360-540-720-900) seconds. This makes it easy, you can set it flexibly. This small sonic cleaning machine has three keys. One key is set to time, one is the key, and one is a reset function. It is very simple.

(6). Prepare the dirty glasses for our trials. You can see that there is dirt above the glasses. Then put it in the sonic cleaning machine we prepared. The water at this time is still clear. This is the state of the glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine. There will be a snapping sound when working. This is the sound of ultrasonic waves. There will be a little ripple in the water in the machine. The water at this time began to turn turbid. Because dust and grease above the glasses are slowly falling off.

(7). After the cleaning is complete, we take the glasses to look at them. At this time, there is no dust and oil. At this time, the water inside the machine is dirty, and it can see the obvious dirt. This is the cleaning effect of the sonic cleaning machine. It is the best way to clean the glasses. It does not harm the glasses. This is both an environmentally friendly and scientific modern cleaning method.

How to clean the glasses correctly?