Knowledge | 2022-05-03

Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts


Automotive components automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for components, metal stamping parts, electronic electrical components, oil pumps, compressor parts, semiconductor silicon wafers, pre -chemical fiber spray plate Wash with the filter element.

Configuration of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts:

1, using advanced 316L stainless steel materials, the original import (BLT) Japan and Korea Transducer. Effective power up to 98%, equipped with an adjustable high-efficiency ultrasonic generator, adjustable power and visual, beautiful and durable equipment,

2. It adopted advanced integrated line lock ring (PLL) technology. This technology is currently the leading dual-line board control technology. It is derived from the joint venture technology of South Korea and Japan. It has better and longer life.

3. Chemical surface treatment process device selection (such as cortex, passivation, tablet, rust-proof, etc.)

4, with a drying tank.

5. Equipped with spray and water rinsing tank.

6. Spare Automatic Balance System PLC programming automatic control system.

7, do not damage the surface of the workpiece, 100% water stains, low operating costs, short operating cycle time, high output.

An automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts has the following advantages:

1. Wash more thoroughly

The ultrasonic principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology shows that this method is very suitable for cleaning complicated components such as mold, motor, flange, engine cylinder block, and cylinder head. If such parts are cleaned manually, many parts are difficult or impossible to clean. And tools can not be used to achieve good cleaning results. A cleaning agent can only dissolve part of the dirt, for stubborn dirt and parts of the internal dirt are also powerless. Ultrasonic cleaning is a wonderful physical cleaning method, just like numerous small brushes at the same time to clean the inner and outer surfaces of objects, so it can make traditional methods can not complete the cleaning of the inner surface and inner hole once.

2. Operate safely and save energy

The cleaning of small components is currently using gasoline or diesel brushing. So the operation safety factor is very low which is easy to cause accidents. The ultrasonic technology cleaning uses water-based cleaning agents. So there are no hidden dangers of accidents.

3. High work efficiency

Just put the parts in the wire mesh basket or suspended in the machine tank and press the switch after the components are disintegrated. During the cleaning process, the operator can do other tasks.

4. Low cleaning costs

This can be resized depending on the size of the item being cleaned. It can clean a large number of parts. This reduces labor costs, artificial sites, and professional cleaning skills training costs. An ultrasonic cleaning machine can be very good to reduce environmental pollution. It greatly reduces the cost of cleaning.

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Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts