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How to clean the gasket? Gasket cleaning method and equipment


As a special sealing element, the gasket plays an important role in mechanical adjustment, correction, changing the spacing, preventing looseness, and so on. Especially in the adjustment space, the gasket requirements are relatively high. If too much oil is attached to the gasket surface, its width and thickness will change. Must be cleaned before use, otherwise, the original mechanical parts will not be in place. Data inconsistency, the solar term can not start the operation or operation failure.

So for the gasket parts, we have what cleaning methods?

1. The gasket is made of paper, rubber sheet, or copper sheet, placed between two planes to strengthen the sealing material, and is arranged between the static sealing surface to prevent fluid leakage sealing elements. It is commonly used to prevent leakage due to compression, corrosion, and natural expansion and contraction of pipelines between two objects. Since the machined surface can not be perfect, the irregularities can be filled with washers. Washers are usually made of sheet materials such as paper backing, rubber, silicone rubber, metal, cork, felt, neoprene, nitrile rubber, fiberglass, or plastic polymers. Washers for some applications may contain asbestos. Threaded fasteners are commonly used to distribute loads; other uses are spacers, springs, wear pads, pre-display devices, and locking devices. Rubber washers are also used in faucets to cut off the flow of liquids or gases. Rubber or silicon washers can also be used to reduce fan vibration. The special performance and important function of the gasket have many limitations on the cleaning method of the gasket parts.

2. The complexity and diversity of gasket material structure make it more difficult to clean the gasket parts. The gasket can be divided into the non-metal gasket, metal gasket, and combination gasket according to material and structure characteristics. The various types can be subdivided into many kinds, such as rubber gaskets, asbestos-free rubber gaskets, flexible graphite metal composite gaskets, polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets, polytetrafluoroethylene coated gaskets, corrugated gaskets, metal wound gaskets, metal tooth composite gaskets, metal clad gaskets, metal corrugated composite gaskets, other types of metal composite gaskets, metal corrugated gaskets, metal flat gaskets, metal corrugated gaskets, metal tooth gaskets, metal ring gaskets, metal lens gaskets, metal o-ring gaskets, metal ring gaskets can be divided into octagonal ring gaskets, elliptical ring gaskets, Rx and BX type self-sealing ring gaskets.

3. The ultrasonic cleaning gasket is very practical. The gasket should be cleaned clean and should not have defects that affect the sealing performance of the connection. The complexity of the structure and shape of the gasket is very suitable for cleaning with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, which can achieve a good cleaning effect and overturn the traditional time-consuming and laborious cleaning method, more thoroughly.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a popular cleaning method in the cleaning industry. It not only has a wide cleaning range, as long as it can be cleaned in water (except for some materials), but also has degassing, power, time, and temperature of the free adjustable. Choosing different cleaning functions according to different materials is an effective method for cleaning gasket parts at present. As an advanced technical cleaning method, ultrasonic cleaning pays special attention to the humanization design in the aspect of safety performance. To save time, labor, efficiency, and environmental protection for the original purpose, so that life is rich and simple because of technology, because of beauty, and comfort. If you want to learn more about cleaning techniques for gaskets and industrial parts, please pay attention to the blue whale ultrasonic cleaning machine.

How to clean the gasket? Gasket cleaning method and equipment