Knowledge | 2022-08-08

Can coating glasses be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner? Will it cause damage?


With the development of the times, because of the advantages of anti-blue light, anti-external ray, anti-oil, and so on, the present glasses are coated, and the coated lens is a new technology using optical thin film and vacuum, a layer of material is plated on the surface of the lens to improve the ability of the lens to reflect light and to enhance or reduce the transmission of light. Therefore, most ultrasonic cleaning machines use instructions that: ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for coated glasses.

So, does that mean that the current ultrasonic cleaning machine can no longer clean glasses? The answer is no. When most lenses leave the factory, they will consider using ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean them. Moreover, most optical shops also use ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean their customers' glasses, can See for glasses cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is a very professional and very good effect tool, but still, need to pay attention to some details, or easy to damage the glasses.

Note the following details:

1. Don't clean your sunglasses. Sunglasses are coated in a different way than regular glasses and are more likely to be damaged by ultrasound cleaning.

2, and like some wood, hawksbill, some use natural materials, such as frames, frequent use of ultrasonic cleaning machine will make it lose luster, reduce toughness.

3. Don't use the ultrasonic cleaner too often. There are many advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning glasses is indeed very suitable, but frequent cleaning easy to cause damage to glasses recommended to use once or twice a week.

4, the use of ultrasonic cleaning time should not be too long, the general cleaning time of a few minutes is enough, and the longer the duration of the damage to the glasses is greater, should not be a long time to clean.

5, one of the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning is to clean more comprehensive, and can clean the gap in the connection of glasses, but the lens on the fingerprint cleaning effect is general, so after cleaning can be used to dry the lens with a special cleaning cloth, the cleaning effect will be better.

Can coating glasses be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner? Will it cause damage?