Knowledge | 2022-08-23

What is the feature of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? How much is the price?


The automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine can be divided into fully closed/semi-closed types. Most of them are transported by gantry multi-arm manipulator, which supports computer touch screen operation. Each process of the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine can be completed automatically, greatly reducing the time and labor costs. It will replace traditional hand cleaning, water cleaning, and oil cleaning in future production.

At present, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine has been widely used in:

1, machinery industry: anti-rust grease removal; measuring tools cleaning; mechanical parts de-oiling DE-RUST; engine, carburetor, and auto parts cleaning; filters, cleaning mesh dredging, etc.

2. Surface treatment industry: removing oil and rust before plating; cleaning before ion plating; phosphating treatment; removing carbon deposit; removing oxide scale; removing polishing paste; surface activation treatment of metal workpiece.

3, instrumentation industry: precision parts of the high-cleanliness of pre-assembly cleaning.

4. Electronics Industry: Printed circuit board rosin, spot, high-voltage contacts, and other mechanical and electronic parts such as cleaning.

5, medical industry: medical equipment cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, laboratory utensils cleaning.

6. Semiconductor industry: high-cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor chips.

7, watch head, decoration industry: Remove Sludge, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc.

8. Chemical and biological industries: Cleaning and descaling of laboratory utensils.

9. Optical industry: deoiling, perspiration, and dust removal of optical devices.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment mainly includes ultrasonic devices, cleaning tanks, circulation tanks, manipulators, transmission systems, filtration systems, pipeline systems, automatic temperature control heating devices, heating pipe automatic protection devices, electronic control systems, chassis, and rack, etc.

Features of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1, metal work before plating cleaning special;

2. Cleaning of finished metal parts before packaging;

3, equipped with ultrasonic cleaning, do not damage the surface of the workpiece;

4,100% no water damage, low running cost;

5, the operation cycle is short, the output is high;

6. Equipped with spray and pure water sink;

7, equipped with drying tank, equipped with automatic balance system PLC programming automatic control system.

What is the price of automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment?

There is no standard price for automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment, but some customers still want to know how much. Typically one hundred thousand, because full automation means deploying a robotic arm, which is expensive. In addition, the cleaning line has many functional configurations, depending on the object being cleaned. If cleaning glass, such as liquid crystal panel, the cleanliness requirements, are very high. Need a water purifier (customers can buy). In addition, the drying system requires multiple sets of filtration devices to prevent secondary pollution. And how many slots are needed, slot size will affect the price. The so-called“Penny for the price of goods,” for automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment is the same. Materials also have a big impact on prices. Good materials are naturally more expensive, but some poor material prices will be lower, but the quality can not be guaranteed, and late maintenance will also appear a lot of problems. After all, the price is naturally high.

What is the feature of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? How much is the price?