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How to clean the cylinder head of the diesel engine with an ultrasonic water bath?


Can an ultrasonic water bath clean the cylinder head of a diesel engine? How to use the principle of ultrasonic water bath to clean the cylinder head of a diesel engine?

The cylinder head is a very important part of a diesel engine, which is usually cast. Its lumen is curved, narrow, and full of dead ends. Therefore, it is often accompanied by cast sand, graphite powder, or other dirt. And shot blasting, and sandblasting are also difficult to be completely removed. Therefore, how to clean the cylinder head has been a very difficult problem in the engine manufacturing industry.

The principle of an ultrasonic cleaning machine is that the ultrasonic wave produced by the action of a signal generator and a transducer propagates as a longitudinal wave in the cleaning fluid. Due to the "cavitation effect", a series of small explosions are produced and huge energy is released during the propagation. This will impact the surface of the workpiece continuously. The utility model can make the dirt on the surface of the workpiece and the crevices peel off quickly. To achieve the effect of purifying the surface of the workpiece. Ultrasonic industrial cleaning technology has a strong oil decontamination effect. In theory, as long as the cleaning fluid can be soaked in the place, ultrasonic cleaning. Therefore, it is especially suitable for parts with complex surface shapes.

The cylinder head cleaning mainly has the high-pressure jet cleaning and the manual immersion brush cleaning technology. At present, the most widely used and mature technology is high-pressure jet cleaning technology. It uses a high-pressure pump to pump water. The surface of the cylinder head and the holes are then flushed through some nozzles. The chemical dissolution of an appropriate amount of cleaning agent is used to complete the cleaning. Some high-pressure jet cleaning machines also have automatic rollover or water eddy functions. Difficult to clean parts of the cylinder head, such as the intake port and Tappet Room. This has to be scrubbed manually. These areas are usually scrubbed repeatedly by a worker with a nylon or steel wire brush. At the same time, flush with the water pipe to the scrubbed area.

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How to clean the cylinder head of the diesel engine with an ultrasonic water bath?