Knowledge | 2022-04-19

Application and advantage of single tank ultrasonic baths


The development of one industry must drive the progress of another industry. The ultrasonic cleaning machine has been recognized in various fields. It also promotes a higher demand for products to meet the development. Small batch cleaning, continuous cleaning, etc. Successful R & D success of single tank ultrasonic baths is the product of development needs.

Single tank ultrasonic baths can also be referred to as a general-purpose ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Scope of application: Electronic parts, electroplating, hardware, watches, straps, tools, optical lenses, jewelry, lenses, glasses frames, half-body wafers, spinneret filter and glassware, automotive repair, etc.

Cleaning advantages:

(1) Fast cleaning speed and good cleaning effect. High clean. The workpiece is uniform. There is no damage to the surface of the workpiece.

(2) Do not need to contact the cleaning liquid. Safe and reliable. It can clean the hidden places such as deep holes, and fine seams.

(3) Save solvent, thermal energy, workplace, and labor.

(4) High cleaning accuracy, which can strongly clean tiny stain particles.

Application and advantage of single tank ultrasonic baths