Knowledge | 2022-05-24

How to clean the clogging of meltblown mold? Use an ultrasonic washer machine to save time and effort


Meltblown cloth mold is one of the key parts of meltblown machine, meltblown cloth mold blocked how to clean, and I believe that many productions of meltblown cloth enterprises will have such questions. The melt-blown mold on the melt-blown machine has hundreds of micro-apertures, generally in 0.1-0.4 mm. After a long period of use, the melt-blown mold is easy to causes the plug of the spinneret, resulting in uneven fiber size, and influencing the quality of meltblown cloth. So when the melt spurts the mold to appear the blockage, must carry on to its clean up, generally quite effective melt spurts the cloth mold to clean the method to have the following two kinds:

The first is to remove the melt-blown mold from the melt-blown machine, the surface of the melt-blown mold with a polymer on the oven, electrically heated hot air, or gas heating pipe to heat the polymer carbonization. Then use the blue whale ultrasonic washer machine with water-based oil and rust remover cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning temperature set at about 50 degrees Celsius, 20-30 minutes can be cleaned, then blow-dry the residual water stains on the mold to be used.

The second is the direct use of the blue whale ultrasonic washer machine, and then combined with the melt-blown cloth mold dedicated organic solvent cleaning, cleaning solvent can quickly dissolve the melt-blown cloth mold attached to the polymer, ultrasonic cleaning 20-30 minutes can be cleaned.

At present, the market-leading cleaning technology of melt-blown cloth mold is mainly based on ultrasonic cleaning. The principle of ultrasonic washer machine is mainly through the transducer, ultrasonic conversion to mechanical vibration, in the cleaning liquid cavitation effect, the dirt which is blocked in the spinneret is peeled off. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is not restricted by the deep hole and blind hole. As long as the workpiece can touch the cleaning liquid, ultrasonic cleaning can achieve a good cleaning effect.

How to clean the clogging of meltblown mold? Use an ultrasonic washer machine to save time and effort