Knowledge | 2022-05-24

Still, having trouble cleaning up car parts? Easy decontamination with an ultrasonic washer machine!


In the production and processing of auto parts, cleaning is an extremely important working procedure. With the replacement of auto parts materials and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, higher requirements are put forward for the cleaning process of auto parts, some traditional cleaning methods can not meet the cleaning requirements of the auto parts industry.

The traditional cleaning methods of auto parts are mainly soaking in high-temperature caustic soda water, spraying under high pressure, and washing by hand with gasoline It needs to consume a large amount of cleaning fluid, and the resulting cleaning fluid is easy to causes secondary pollution to the environment.

To solve the shortcomings of traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine is applied in auto parts, and many auto parts enterprises have gradually replaced the traditional cleaning methods with ultrasonic cleaning technology. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, the ultrasonic cleaning degree is fast and high, and the medium used for cleaning is mostly clean water. Only a small amount of cleaning agent is needed, not only can the pollution be reduced, but it can also reduce the cost of enterprise cleaning. Because of its unique cleaning process, it can clean the inner wall, Gap, deep hole, blind hole, and so on, which is difficult to be cleaned under the traditional cleaning method.

Ultrasonic cleaning mainly depends on ultrasonic cavitation. The ultrasonic generator generates a high-frequency vibration signal, which is converted into mechanical vibration by the transducer and radiates in the form of a longitudinal wave in the cleaning liquid, tens of thousands of tiny bubbles are formed in the cleaning solution. When ultrasonic waves alternate between positive and negative pressure in the liquid, the bubbles grow rapidly and then close and break. This is called ultrasonic cavitation. After the bubble burst, thousands of atmospheric pressure are produced, which continuously impact the surface of the workpiece and make the dirt on the surface flake off, thus achieving the goal of cleaning the workpiece.

With the continuous updating and progress of vehicle technology, people are exploring new cleaning methods to improve the cleaning quality and efficiency of auto parts. The appearance of the ultrasonic washer machine is to meet the needs of this form of development, ultrasonic cleaning technology is efficient, environmental protection, advanced cleaning technology, has now completely changed the cleaning method of auto parts. Therefore, the advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology based on its high efficiency, and environmental protection features, currently in the auto parts industry has been greatly promoted and widely used.

Still, having trouble cleaning up car parts? Easy decontamination with an ultrasonic washer machine!