Knowledge | 2022-07-27

How to choose cleaning agent for ultrasonic cleaning machine


Ultrasonic cleaning is a kind of physical cleaning, and the role of the ultrasonic cleaning agent is auxiliary, with unique chemical destruction of a variety of lubricating oil molecular structures, to achieve rapid and complete removal of heavy grease. Therefore, getting a good cleaning effect must be based on the object to be cleaned and dirt to choose the appropriate acoustic parameters and cleaning agent. Most of the cleaning agents used in ultrasonic cleaning machines are liquid detergents consisting of Surfactant, chelating agents, other additives, and organic solvents such as trichloroethene.

1. A Surfactant substance is called Surfactant when it can significantly reduce the surface tension between water and air, or the interfacial tension between water and other substances, even at very low concentrations. The molecular structure of water-soluble Surfactants is asymmetric and polar. Due to the asymmetric polar structure, the Surfactant is adsorbed directionally on the interface between the aqueous solution and other phases, which greatly changes the physical properties of the system, especially the interface tension of each phase. The Surfactant can be divided into anions, cations, neutral and hermaphroditic Surfactants according to the electrical properties of the hydrophilic groups when the Surfactant is dissolved in water.

2. Chelating agent and some metal ions such as ca 2 +, Mg 2 + in solution form stable chelating body, so that the detergent has the function of resisting hard water, it can also combine with some substances containing ca 2 + and MG 2 + on the lens surface to achieve cleaning effect.

3, the addition of additives, played the following role:

A) buffering action to keep pH of detergent stable, b) anti-corrosion action to metals, and selection principle of Surfactant, chelating agent, and additives

1. The detergent has a strong cleaning ability;

Soft chemical property, no damage to wash;

3. The chemical action does not take place between the components to make the components invalid;

4. It has good bleach properties.

The temperature and concentration of the washing liquid should be determined by the specific experiment. The role of a solvent-based cleaning agent is through its upper disc adhesive, wax, and bitumen dissolution to achieve cleaning purposes. Therefore, according to the characteristics of cleaning objects in ultrasonic cleaning, choose the appropriate cleaning agent, only selecting the appropriate cleaning agent can achieve the desired cleaning effect.

How to choose cleaning agent for ultrasonic cleaning machine