Knowledge | 2022-07-28

What cleaning agents are generally used in ultrasonic washing machines


The ultrasonic cleaning machine itself has the role of oil decontamination, why do you need a cleaning agent? The principle of the ultrasonic wave is through the cavitation of objects to show that vibration to remove dust, can not decompose oil, so also need cleaning agent with the following two types of cleaning machine:

In general, ultrasonic cleaning machines commonly used cleaning agents include two such, and the blue whale is also recommended use. They are chemical cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents. Generally speaking, cleaning medium belongs to chemical action, while ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical action, the combination of these two actions together so that the cleaning object for a full and thorough cleaning. The ultrasonic wave propagates in the cleaning medium and causes the cleaning liquid and the cleaning tank to vibrate simultaneously under the action of the ultrasonic frequency, when the liquid and the cleaning tank vibrate, they have their natural frequency, this vibration frequency is the sound wave frequency, therefore, when the ultrasonic cleaning, we can often hear the humming sound. The ultrasonic machine is an advanced cleaning equipment, as long as we reasonable scientific use, we can bring a lot of convenience for our cleaning work.

Through the above introduction, we can see that the best cleaning equipment if there is no subsidiary body with the ideal cleaning effect is usually difficult to achieve. Therefore, in our cleaning work, not only choosing good cleaning equipment but also choosing a good cleaning solvent is also very critical.