Knowledge | 2022-04-15

How to choose an ultrasonic washer machine for cleaning irregular objects


In nature, there are regular and irregular objects. This has cast a different beauty. In life, the different collimation of irregular objects has made surprises. In the industry, the close cooperation between various mechanical parts has created a giant aircraft. Irregular objects have achieved a lot of great achievements. But irregular objects in real life, people have always been troubled for their cleaning. How to achieve efficientness and reach high cleanliness?

The ultrasonic washer machine can solve this problem for you.

How does an ultrasonic washer machine achieve that for you? First, because of its cleaning principle. The high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator is propagated to the medium through the transducer to high-frequency mechanical oscillation. The ultrasonic wave in the solvent is disturbed in the liquid. This flows from tens of thousands of microbubbles flowing through liquid flow. The micro-bubbles present in the liquid are vibrated in the action of the sound field. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles increase rapidly. Then, suddenly closed, a shock wave is generated when the bubble is closed. This produces thousands of atmospheres around them. This can destroy insoluble dirt and disperse them in the liquid. When the group particles are wrapped by oil, adhere to the surface of the workpiece. At this time, the oil was emulsified, solid particles, and disengaged, thereby achieving purification. Because the cleaning agent is active, it has the characteristics of non-porous income. This will clean the subtle irregular object.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine does not apply to paint, piezoelectric ceramic pieces, or soft materials. It can be used in electronic parts, electroplating, hardware, watches, straps, tools, optical lenses, jewelry, lenses, glasses, half-channel wafers, spool board filtration, and glassware, mobile phone parts, automotive maintenance.

How to choose an ultrasonic washer machine for cleaning irregular objects