Knowledge | 2022-04-15

Application of ultrasonic washing machine


With the development of science and technology, the application range of ultrasonic cleaning machines is getting wider. It is widely used in the machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, laboratory, and other industries. Ultrasonic cleaning itself has physical cleaning characteristics or combined with chemical cleaning agents more unparalleled superiority.

Here we briefly introduce the simple application of ultrasonic washing machines in various industries.

1. Application of ultrasonic washing machine in some stores on the street

In daily life, many people will clean their glasses, jewelry, etc. after a while. Under normal circumstances, there is an ultrasonic cleaning machine in the optical shop and jewelry store. Guests can pay and clean it. The cleaning speed is fast, no scratches, and the oil removal is good. It can overcome artificial cleaning problems.

2. The application of ultrasonic washing machines in auto repair stores

Cars are indispensable vehicles in daily life. A large number of auto repair stores use ultrasonic cleaning equipment to save maintenance costs. If a large truck is inevitable during the driving process, there will be a small problem, and even replace the part. At this time, the artificial cleaning parts are slow, and the cleaning is not complete. This seriously affects the normal trucks, and Xiaobian strongly recommends using hardware ultrasonic cleaning machines. This can be used in conjunction with some chemical solvents. Human labor can be saved throughout the cleaning process. It is also possible to customize according to special needs, such as automatic drying after cleaning.

3. The application of ultrasonic washing machines for medical instruments.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has long been widely used in medical equipment industries, especially laboratories, hospitals, medical institutions, etc. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can clean repeated equipment such as surgery knives, tweezers, various trays, etc. Artificial cleaning has a lot of problems such as large workload, unsafe, unsanitary, cleaning is not thorough. Ultrasonic cleaning is greatly improved in place of artificial cleaning. Its advantage is that there is no dead angle cleaning of 360 degrees. It also has high-temperature disinfection, drying, and other processes.

Every industry can use ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The above three are only representative industry applications. In the future, there will be more fields using ultrasonic cleaning machines. We look forward to more potential customers to develop and explore.

Application of ultrasonic washing machine