Knowledge | 2022-04-18

What are the features of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine?


The fully automatic ultrasonic cleaner is widely used for cleaning auto parts, Compressor parts, gear, bearing, and other machine processing spare parts. In the future, it will replace traditional artificial cleaning, rinse, and fat cleaning. Now it has been widely used in electroplating, ion coating, car parts, optical, watches, chemical fiber, liquid crystal, electronics, hardware, textile, jewelry, and so on. The automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is consist of many parts. They are including ultrasonic system, tank system, robot arm, agitating system, filter system, pipe system, heating system, protection system, control system, structure, etc.

The features of the blue whale automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Suitable for cleaning various parts like metal parts before electroplating.

2. Cleaning metal parts before packing as product

3. It won't do damage to the surface of the part with high efficient ultrasonic system

4. Low operation cost with no water stain

5. Short cleaning cycle with high production speed.

6. Optional functions like spraying and DI water rinsing

7. With drying system. 

8. With an automatic balance system PLC programming automatic control system.

Precautions for using an automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Please cool down the temperature of the liquid to normal temperature and turn off the machine when you exchange or discharge liquid.

2. Clean and remove the dirt in the tank.

3. Please do not run a machine for too long. It will be better to stop the machine for a couple of minutes after 8 hours of operation. This can maintain the machine better.

4. You should hear the uniform sound of resonance between the ultrasonic transducer and tank when the ultrasonic cleaner is working normally. In the meantime, there should not be a surgeon on the surface of the cleaning liquid. It should only have a water splash caused by Cavity blasting.

5. If you can clean the parts without heating and continuous operation, then please keep doing that. It can extend the usage of electrical components in the machine. Because the heating and long time ultrasonic vibration will increase the temperature of the electrical box which makes electrical parts age.

6. Never use a flammable cleaner or strong acid or strong alkali.