Knowledge | 2022-05-05

Does the professional ultrasonic cleaner have to use pure water?


In some industrial product cleaning processes, pure water is usually used as an ultrasonic cleaning medium, especially in the field of optics, semiconductors, electronics, electroplating, etc. It is a commonly used cleaning method. Based on the principle of ultrasonic cleaning technology, this article must briefly explain whether the professional ultrasonic cleaner must use with pure water.

As a unique cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning technology has a wide range of applications in various industries. The principle is to generate a vacuum effect through an ultrasonic and cleaning medium so that the dirt attached to the surface of the workpiece is removed.  To achieve the purpose of cleaning. The cleaning medium is one of the important factors that affect the effect of ultrasonic cleaning. It is especially important to use high-efficiency cleaning agents supporting the professional ultrasonic cleaner. The medium used for cleaning is generally based on different properties, and different properties are used. The purpose is to remove processed oils, rust oil, and rust left on the surface of the workpiece, which has facilitated the next processing, surface treatment, or direct assembly. The ultrasonic cleaning machine generally uses the two cleaning agents of water-based or solvent type to wash the workpiece and then uses the city water to rinse or spray and clean it. If the cleanliness of the surface of the workpiece is extremely high, pure water will be used for pure water for rinsing.

Is it necessary to use pure water for a professional ultrasonic cleaner? In summary, the professional ultrasonic cleaner uses pure water cleaning to ensure the quality of products. It can avoid water impurities on the product damage. Therefore, whether the professional ultrasonic cleaner needs to use pure water, will depend on its requirements of the characteristics of the workpiece. Not all the workpieces have to use pure water as the cleaning medium for the professional ultrasonic cleaner.

Does the professional ultrasonic cleaner have to use pure water?