Knowledge | 2022-05-06

Why does ultrasonic parts cleaner make a big noise?


Ultrasonic cleaning technology is one of the most effective ways to clean the surface of the workpiece. It can clean the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece that can clean the workpiece with high cleanliness and efficient cleaning workpieces. The current ultrasonic parts cleaner has become indispensable cleaning equipment in production and processing in many fields. However, while the ultrasonic parts cleaner is widely used, many people are sometimes frightened by sudden and harsh sounds. In addition to being troubled by normal cleaning noise during the cleaning process. In this case, we call it howling, so what is the reason why the ultrasonic parts cleaner is screaming? In response to this problem, I briefly introduced the factors that affect the phenomenon of screaming during the ultrasonic cleaning process.  It can answer the doubts in your heart.

The howling phenomenon can generally be attributed to the extremely uneven distribution of energy in the cleaning liquid.  The most direct factor that can cause the uneven energy distribution in the cleaning liquid is the distribution of the ultrasonic cavitation field in the cleaning tank. the uniformity of the sound field in the cleaning tank is largely determined by the Ultrasonic transducer and transducer array. Ultrasonic parts cleaner usually uses several transducer arrays, electrical parallel, driven by a unified ultrasonic generator. When the working frequency of individual Ultrasonic transducer drifts and does not work properly, it will make the Ultrasonic transducer array unable to adjust and achieve the resonance effect. It is resulting in the cleaning fluid not reaching the resonance state. Thus it causes uneven sound field distribution in the cleaning tank. At this time, it can have a whistling sound.

What is the reason for the screaming of the ultrasonic cleaning machine? In addition to the above factors, the temperature, and turbidity of the cleaning liquid, the sediment at the bottom of the cleaning tank, etc. The screaming phenomenon of the ultrasonic parts cleaner during the cleaning process will also occur. It has a certain impact, but it is not the main reason. If you have the above problem with the ultrasonic parts cleaner, you can replace the cleaning liquid to replace and wash the bottom of the inner tank. If screaming is due to the problem of the ultrasonic switcher, it is recommended to find a manufacturer engineer to solve it. After all, there is a certain complexity in the process and structure of the ultrasonic parts cleaner. Do not disassemble and repair it by yourself.

Why does ultrasonic parts cleaner make a big noise?